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Letter to my Congressman re Impeachment of the President

I am not delusional enough (yet! I guess I should add) to believe that this is actually going to happen, but I just decided I could no longer remain silent, and “snore” as the author of the article below says Congress is doing. For your perusal, consideration, thought, and – by all means—forwarding as you see fit. Jim


Dear Bill:


This is a cry from the heart of an American citizen who is convinced that our Nation is being led by a totalitarian, egomaniacal, Marxist leaning, if not actually a Marxist, who is determined to weaken this country beyond repair. It is a cry,  voiced to the person our system of government has designated as my Representative in our National Legislature, to voice my very deep conviction and concern that we are rapidly drifting past the point of no return with this thugocracy (thanks to Michael Barone for that perfect  phrase describing this entire “administration”, a word which is certainly an oxymoron in this context) and it is way past time for our Representatives, like your good self, to remember, and act upon, the duty you took an oath to do, and that is to protect and defend the laws and Constitution of the United States. In a time when many in this administration disdain and sneer at our most precious documents, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution< this duty becomes all the more critically  important. Bill, you and your fellow Members of Congress have taken a solemn oath to do whatever is necessary to set a new course for our Ship of State when it is so obvious you need to do so, and that time is upon us—a time when the President of the United States has become a lawless renegade determined to become a law unto himself, or, put very simply, a Caesar over all persons and slaves subject to his absolute rule.


It is time for you to do what you swore to God you would do—in these circumstances, that means it is time for you and ALL your colleagues in Congress to file Articles of Impeachment against the person currently desecrating the office of the Presidency of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.


The exact language of the pertinent Section of the Constitution reads as follows:


                “The President… shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”


It should not take a specific recitation of the various acts of lawlessness to suffice for a showing that, as stated in a recent article entitled “Of Course He Should Be Impeached” (copy forwarded below), “the President has declared war on that foundational document” and that  he “is systematically destroying the checks and balances the framers put in place to limit the power of the office he holds” but here is a very brief list.


No President in the history of our Nation has ever conducted himself with such lawlessness as a person who will, on his own executive action, amend, repeal, and otherwise affect legislative action, with not even a semblance of Congressional action, a law he and his wretched minions continue to tout as “the law of the land”!  The attached article cites a study of the Galen Institute for the proposition that he has unilaterally rewritten this particular “law of the land” no fewer than 18 times since April of 2011; I maintain that each of those instances constitutes a deliberate and intentional “High Crime” against the American people, in total disregard of the Constitution.


No President’s lawlessness has gone on for so long and run so deeply that a man of the left, and some would say the far left, such as Professor Jonathon Turley of George Washington University Law School, would describe his actions as a “usurpation of authority that’s unprecedented in this country… a system in which  single individual is allowed to rewrite legislation… is a system that borders on authoritarianism”, a statement I disagree with only to the extent of noting I believe we are now IN a state of authoritarianism, not just “bordering” on it.


No President has ever lied so many times to the American people as this President has done, time and time again, making one thoroughly corrupt and deliberately dishonest promise after another that “if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period” and “if you like your Doctor, you can keep him or her. Period.” Knowing full well this was an absolute lie.


No President in the history of our Great Nation has ever so blatantly condoned the use of the IRS as a tool of harassment against his political enemies, and although it is reported that President Nixon tried to do this, the Commissioner of Revenue at that time, unlike the thoroughly corrupt leaders of the current IRS, refused his request. We often hear stories like this about President Nixon, who will go down in  history as a most unfairly maligned figure when compared to the gutter this Administration lives in, and he resigned in the face of a threat of impeachment for actions which pale in comparison to the conduct of this product of “The Chicago Way.”


No President in the history of our Nation has ever so blatantly condoned the rewriting of the immigration laws to issue new exemptions to a law that “bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided ‘limited material support’ to terrorists who are believed to pose no threat from the U.S.”, as stated in the attached article. That statement, completely aside from its sheer absence of even a veneer of lawful propriety, is breathtaking in its scope in allowing persons to come into our country who have aided those who would destroy our Nation by violence. I most respectfully submit there is a name for people like that – traitors.


No President in the history of our Nation has ever taken to himself the sole right to decide which American citizens he is going to kill that day, by drone or otherwise, causing Professor Turley to express his concern about “an imperial presidency”. And, as Mr. Catron’s article notes, describing you and your colleagues, Bill, and I apologize in advance if that seems like an unnecessarily blunt statement: “And still Congress snores.”


No President has ever demeaned, embarrassed, insulted or disgraced the proud heritage of this magnificent Nation on a scale such as this despicable America-hating person, in bowing to Kings and Potentates, in apologizing to the world in speech after speech about all of our so-called transgressions (many of which he took advantage in climbing the ladder of sleaze otherwise known as Chicago politics), “leading from behind” in Libya, drawing “Red Lines” which by now everyone in the world knows are just a joke and in general making what not long ago was the most feared, and, much more importantly, highly respected Nation in the world, quite simply a laughing stock. He has become an object of ridicule, plain and simple, as best illustrated in his grammar-school level conduct at the funeral ceremony of Nelson Mandela in taking a “selfie” of himself and an attractive Prime Minister of Denmark, with his most unattractive, on so many levels, First “Lady” glaring as in some scene from “Grease” or other juvenile setting.


Professor Turley was joined by two other experts in Constitutional Law (actual, real, experts in Constitutional Law, with extensive credentials to prove their expertise, as opposed to a certain faux expert whose expert status was invented out of whole cloth by the media) in hearings two days ago before the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by your colleague, Rep. Goodlatte of Virginia. While this hearing was not about the specific area of impeachment, but about Art. II, Section 3, cl. 4, mandating that the President “…take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”, most of his observations are directly on point with regard to your duty as a member of the House of Representatives to impeach this President. In beginning his catalogue of concerns about the abdication of authority by your Congress, he stated “Congress often appears feckless and uncertain as to how it can assert its authority when openly circumvented or ignored by a president….”.  His prepared remarks for this hearing represent an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to be more deeply informed about the crisis which this President’s egomania has forced upon us, and in closing, this man of the Left, his pain showing through each word as he spoke about a President he voted for twice, made this telling statement:

“We are now at the constitutional tipping point for our system. If balance is to be reestablished, it must begin before this President leaves office and that will likely require every possible means to reassert legislative authority. No one in our system can “go it alone” – not Congress, not the courts, and not the President. We are stuck with each other in a system of shared powers—for better or worse. We may deadlock or even despise each other. The Framers clearly foresaw such periods. They lived in such a period. Whatever problems we are facing today in politics, they are problems of our own making. They should not be used to take from future generations a system that has safeguarded our freedoms for over 250 years.”


Bill, you took an oath to perform duties which our Founders considered critical to the continued functioning of this Republic, and this one is clearly not a pleasant one to undertake. However, it IS your duty to impeach this lawless renegade of a President. The fact that it might, in some way, affect your current political aspirations does not alter, in any way whatsoever, that it is still your duty to impeach.


As a certain iconic figure of the legal profession, a mythical lawyer who inspired generations of lawyers to aspire to that Learned Profession, The Hon. Atticus Finch, said in one of the great closing arguments of all legal lore, in pleading with the jury to believe Tom Robinson and find him Not Guilty:

                “In the name of God, do your duty.”





The Obama Watch

Of Course He Should Be Impeached

Do we have a Congress or a coffle of slaves?

By David Catron – 2.17.14

Last week, Jeffrey Lord asked the following question in this space: “Should Obama be impeached?” I have enormous respect for Lord, and agree with virtually everything he writes, but his column reflects an unsettling trend in the way many view this issue. Most pundits and politicians discuss Obama’s serial violations of the Constitution as if mulling an interesting academic subject. They ponder such arcana as the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the number of Senate votes required to convict an impeached President, the effect of the process on the GOP’s electoral prospects in 2016, ad infinitum. Few, however, discuss impeachment as a serious possibility or even a rational course of action.

In a less complacent nation, Lord’s question would not be rhetorical. It is the duty of the House of Representatives to impeach Obama. Every member of Congress takes an oath to defend the Constitution and the President has declared war on that foundational document. Barack Obama is systematically destroying the checks and balances the framers put in place to limit the power of the office he holds. The powers of the Presidency, as the founders conceived them, were meant to be constrained by two coequal branches of the government — the national legislature and the judiciary. President Obama routinely flouts inconvenient laws passed by the former and publicly excoriates the latter when its rulings displease him.

Much of what this man has done since taking office is clearly illegal, and he is becoming more and more brazen about it every day. His most recent crime against the Constitution was, of course, his latest unilateral revision of the deadline by which businesses must conform to Obamacare’s employer mandate. This mandate, according to the stipulations of the health care “reform” law, should have taken effect January 1. However, that date proved politically inconvenient for the Democrats, so Obama ordered his minions to change the deadline — twice — despite lacking any legal authority to do so. What has been done by the people invested with the power to put a stop to such illegal decrees? Virtually nothing.

Why not? In the words of Senator Ted Cruz, “There aren’t enough votes in the Senate.” I admire Senator Cruz, but he is evidently confused. It is true that, to remove a President from office, a two-thirds majority of the Senate must vote to convict him of charges emanating from the House impeachment process. However, impeachment itself is a separate step — roughly analogous to an indictment in a criminal court — and requires only a simple majority in the House of Representatives. Today, the Republicans control that body by a margin of more than thirty seats. In other words, one or more articles of impeachment could be passed against Obama in the House of Representatives without a single Democrat vote.

Why would the GOP pursue such a controversial course when they know the Senate will never produce the super majority required to convict Obama? That question, the opinion of Senator Cruz notwithstanding, is utterly irrelevant. If a policeman sees a thief picking your pocket, should he stand by and ponder the very real possibility that some clever defense attorney might help the criminal escape justice? Of course not. It’s his job to arrest the pickpocket and make sure that he faces trial for his crime. Then, even if a corrupt judge or a simple-minded jury lets the crook off, at least he has done his job. In the case under discussion here, Obama is the crook and the House of Representatives is the policeman.

Presented with this analogy, Obama would no doubt say, “I am not a crook.” Well, we’ve heard that one before. The facts tell a different story. Indeed, the President’s catalogue of crimes is so long that one hardly knows what to highlight first. Perhaps a good place to begin is with fiats like his latest rewriting of Obamacare. These decrees have quite unnerved George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, a liberal who voted for Obama twice. Turley recently described them as follows: “What we’re seeing now is the usurpation of authority that’s unprecedented in this country … a system in which a single individual is allowed to rewrite legislation … is a system that borders on authoritarianism.”

Obama’s latest illegal change to Obamacare is, of course, only one of many. Indeed, as the Galen Institute reports, his administration has unilaterally rewritten this particular “law of the land” no fewer than 18 times since April of 2011. And such revisions have by no means been limited to the ironically titled “Affordable Care Act.” The President and his minions at the Department of Homeland Security have, for example, also rewritten our immigration laws without troubling themselves to consult with Congress: “The Obama administration has issued new exemptions to a law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided ‘limited material support’ to terrorists who are believed to pose no threat from the U.S.”

And no column about Obama’s outrages is complete without a reminder that he used the IRS to harass his political enemies. Nor can one, in good conscience, fail to remind readers that his National Security Agency is even now collecting data on millions of private citizens. And, if none of these things render you receptive to impeachment, let’s return to Professor Turley. In addition to his worries about the President’s usurpation of power from formerly coequal branches of government, he is also very concerned about the “tour de force of an imperial presidency” by which “Obama claims the right to be able to kill any American based on his sole judgment and discretion.” And still Congress snores.

Such congressional somnolence is as new to this country as are Obama’s experiments with authoritarianism. The people we send to Congress have traditionally been very jealous of their power, and there was a time when they would have been considerably less supine in their dealings with such a power-mad president. The House has impeached two presidents and seriously considered impeaching a third. There may not be enough votes in the Senate to convict Obama, but there are certainly enough Republicans in the House to pass articles of impeachment. Their inaction is not about votes. It’s about cowardice. The GOP is more concerned about its short-term political prospects than the long-term good of the Republic.

Sadly, there is a precedent for this and where it leads. The Roman Emperor Tiberius once alluded to it with the following remark concerning the self-seeking and moral cowardice that had allowed Rome’s once-powerful Senate to be emasculated: “Those men are fit to be slaves.” If our elected representatives in Congress don’t do something about Obama, they will be regarded by posterity with equal scorn.