2 thoughts on “Trayvon 2.0 Redux – Comparing Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin Similarities…

  1. Jim — Congratulations on starting this blog.

    David Allen Hanson is of the highest caliber. I wonder if writers such as he are read in our public schools. That’s a laugh. How about in private schools? It actually pains me to think that the foibles of this administration aren’t described to our youth, who will perforce have to learn from their own (and lets’ hope dissimilar) experiences.

    There’s so much good information that can be mined from the disaster that’s surrounded us for the past six years. How can we assure ourselves that the horrid truth of this insane government will be printed, discussed, and be used as a prime example of learning the lessons of history?

    I see you, with your education, way with words, and zeal to expose the bastards as a leader in this effort. Keep the archives from this blog, and you’ll be able to write a well-footnoted summation of the absolute worst presidency ever.

    I went to the Chamber Music performance a couple of weeks ago. Excellent, especially the Bulgarian violinist. Cheers to Judi.


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