I protest the conversion of OUR National Cathedral into a mosque

Like many people of all faiths across the Nation, I simply could not believe my eyes when I saw the news that the (OUR!) National Cathedral was going to be turned over to a Muslim Prayer Service tomorrow, and, if that wasn’t bad enough, this misadventure was to be co-sponsored by organizations with proven, not simply alleged, ties to radical Islamic groups such as Hamas and were proven, not alleged, to have been involved in the financing of some of these butchers in the Mid East. I thought  about it long and hard and started doing some fairly in-depth research, which revealed that not only was I not alone in the revulsion I felt but that some most highly respected publications felt exactly the same way I did about it. Therefore, I decided to do what I personally wish more citizens would do, even against the often well based feeling that “no one is listening”– if you doubt that, try writing, calling, texting, etc., etc. your Congressman one day– and that is to write a letter to the person I understand from news reports pushed this plan. Here is my latest exercise in putting the First Amendment into practice, no matter whose feathers get ruffled. I only hope it ruffles a lot of them. By the way, indications are, as of this time, some hours after this went out, that, sure enough, “no one is listening”!

Dear Rev. Canon Campbell:

It is with the utmost of respect that I, as a member of the Episcopal Church, protest, as strongly as I know how to use the English language in a civil and respectful manner, the defilement of the National (Episcopal) Cathedral for a Prayer Service by a “religion” one of whose foundational tenets is to “seize them and slay them [infidels—such as Christians and Jews!] wherever you shall find them.” Sura 4:89.

It is also noted that the co-sponsors of this ill-advised (as charitable a descriptive phrase as I can possibly use considering your position) misadventure are:

“Members of known Muslim Brotherhood front groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The Justice Department has identified both as belonging to the Hamas wing of the radical Brotherhood. It’s also implicated them in a Hamas conspiracy to raise millions for Palestinian suicide bombers. These co-sponsors of the National Cathedral jumuah (“for invited guests only”) remain unindicted co-conspirators in a major terror case.”
I also understand that another co-sponsor is the ADAMS Islamic Center, whose Executive Director is Imam Magid, who also serves as President of ISNA, the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States which was found to be a financial support entity for Hamas in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial in our Nation’s history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation in Dallas in 2008.

I have carefully read the many news reports expressing various levels of outrage and disgust and dismay about this event, allowing our National Cathedral to be converted into a mosque, and have been more than a little disappointed (another most charitable word  for the emotion I really feel) at the fact that your spokesman, Mr. Stapert, “did not know about ISNA and CAIR, even though their official representative will be praying at his cathedral this week”, according to one report, and also said ““I know that there have been allegations about CAIR’s participation in a variety of things [but] I’m not an expert on CAIR”!.

In the event more knowledge might be useful to your Staff, including Mr. Stapert, and perhaps your Good Self as well, I direct your attention to the attached articles which make it abundantly clear that the co-sponsoring organizations of tomorrow’s disgraceful occupation of OUR National Cathedral are closely identified with murderers, beheaders, and practitioners of the most unspeakable acts of barbarism, such as female genital mutilation, the stoning to death of homosexuals, the burning of Coptic Churches in the Middle East – with entire congregations therein!—the kidnapping and enslavement of girls by Boko Haram, the wholesale slaughter of entire Yazidi villages, etc., etc., and your Mr. Stapert should understand these are not mere allegations but are proven facts.

In closing, I could not possibly find a clearer statement of the outrage this episode represents than the opening paragraph of the Editorial in a very highly respected online publication, Investor’s Business Daily, as follows:

“Islamofascism: On Friday, for the first time, the venerable Washington National Cathedral will be used as a mosque, with radical Muslims leading prayers. Islamist infiltration of the Beltway is nearly complete.

Drunk with “interfaith” tolerance, church officials agreed to let the Islamists make “a statement.” About what? How gullible they are?”

It is with the deepest sadness, Rev. Canon Campbell, that I must record you have furnished a loud and clear answer to that question, and based upon the numerous reports I have seen, it is painfully obvious that I am hardly alone in feeling that your action is nothing short of a sheer outrage, as is most plainly illuminated by the following simple question: when will the Dean of the Cathedral be celebrating Holy Eucharist in the ADAMS Islamic Center?

Most Respectfully,

James A. George

George and George, Ltd.

A Professional Law Corporation

Counselors At Law and Admiralty

346 Shady Lake Parkway

Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70810

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Cell: 225-270-3182

Website:  www.georgeandgeorge.com

E-mail:  jimg@georgeandgeorge.com

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