The Moral Rot that is the Obama Administration

One of the most clearly astute political analysts and observers on the American scene today, in my most humble opinion, is Victor Davis Hanson, who writes primarily for the National Review, and he has written a magnificent, if most depressing, piece at National Review Online this morning detailing the “growing chaos” of this Administration (?) in which “[e]verything appears to coming apart.” In this piece, entitled A Moral Primer, which can be found here, he lists the racial animosity of Obama and his truly malevolent “Attorney General” (I consider it a disgrace to have to give him any title, but most of all, the title of the top law enforcement officer in our form of Government), the bufoonery of Biden, Pelosi (Gruber? Never heard of the man! Good Grief!), the moral adolescence of the “top administration official”, probably Susan “it was just a video” “Private Berghdoff served his country with honor and distinction” Rice calling the Head of State of a sovereign Nation which happens to be one of our top three allies in the entire world “a chickenshit” and the “sickness of Barack Obama’s apology tour”. Here is the most telling indictment of this despicable group of Chicago-style thugs:

“A final litmus test: Distinguish between those who blacken their country’s reputation abroad and those who do not. The sickness of Barack Obama’s apology tour was not just in his moral equivalence, or in his ignorance of history that treats the sins of mankind as if they were the supposedly unique failings of the United States, but also that Obama has a propensity to speak ill of the country that gave him everything when he is among those who bear that country such ill will. Do we remember how he sat mute when Daniel Ortega damned the United States at the Summit of the Americas in 2009? Has he ever heard of Churchill’s dictum (offered to the House of Commons in 1947) that “When I am abroad I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the Government of my country. I make up for lost time when I am at home.” How about the deplorable habit of elite Americans traipsing down to Mexico — whose immigration policies are medieval compared to our own — only to loudly trash the immigration laws of their own country? If Americans abroad express no confidence in their country, then why should our enemies fear us or our friends support us? On America’s worst day it is far preferable to any alternative abroad. Unfortunately, those who are most able to travel overseas are often from the very class that finds it fashionable to caricature their homeland. But it is a major character failing nonetheless.”

I recently read an observation by one who obviously knew his American history, which would immediately rule out our first non-American President, to the effect that Barack Obama is exactly the kind of President the Founders most feared and tried to protect against. November 4 proved that their institutions worked, albeit much later than most of us would have liked. Let us pray that this Thugocracy, as it has been termed by another astute observer, Michael Barone, is reined in by the new Congress and that it is not permitted to do much greater damage than it has already inflicted upon the greatest Nation the world has ever known.

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