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“Clinton Cash” should be required reading by every American –the stench of The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is overpowering

I write about this new book for several reasons, the most important of which is, in my humble opinion, while one may have a general sense of the seemingly life-long corruption, dishonesty, total lack of any ethical guidelines, amoral conduct and sleaziness of this pair of grifters, one simply cannot truly get a grasp of the extent of their ruthlessness and avarice and greed without reading, and studying, this book. I also note that, as an almost life long member of the Bar, I hold deep, honest and extensive research in very high esteem, and I challenge anyone, as has Mr. Schweizer, to go to his minutely researched sources and find problems with any of the statements made in this book, which, I should also note, has now been done by publications not even the most rabid, mad-dog Clintonistas like James Carville could call members of the vast right wing conspiracy, the New York Times and the Washington Post , among others.

In Peggy Noonan’s column last weekend in the Wall Street Journal, she had this to say:

“I wonder if any aspirant for the presidency except Hillary Clinton could survive such  a book.  I suspect she can because the Clintons are unique in the annals of American politics: The are protected from charges of corruption by their reputation for corruption. It’s not news anymore.”

Think, for just a moment, of the magnitude of that statement– the only member of the Democrat Party it  can find to run as its  nominee for the most powerful office in the world (OK, I’m dating myself, as that’s what it was seven years ago, but that’s for another day, sadly) is a person who is so presumed to be corrupt that it’s not even worth noting anymore! The very idea that this could be happening in the country I love, and happen to consider, contrary to the Establishment Elite of the Democrat Party, the greatest Nation in the history of the world, simply makes me despair for the future of the Republic. It makes me sick.

Full Disclosure

When engaged in the active practice of law, I had the great honor and good fortune of being asked to give seminar lectures in my field of Admiralty and Maritime Law and other related topics and, in later years, in the areas of Ethics and Professionalism. As I set out on my analysis of the mind-boggling fees paid to the Clintons and their Clinton Crime Family Foundation (hereafter referred to as CCFF) and especially in view of the recent tempest about George Stephanopoulous, I thought full disclosure was in order and that I should disclose that I once received a thing of value for one of my talks– a very lovely, marine-themed clock, which adorns my desk to this day. Perhaps it’s not necessary to note how that pales in comparison –just slightly– to the 25 million dollars the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics took in over a period of SIXTEEN MONTHS.

I don’t know about you, but before all this started coming out about the CCFF, I had never heard of ANYone making $750000.00 for one speech, or a million dollars in one day for making 2 speeches!

The Book “Clinton Cash”, very briefly

If I were King of America, and I’m keenly aware that slot is taken for the next 22 months, I would issue an edict that every single citizen be required to read–and study–this masterful piece of research as there is simply no possible way one can fully appreciate the depth and extent of the sewer these people live in until one completes this book. As Ms Noonan noted,

“By the end I was certain of two things. A formal investigation, from Congress or the Justice Department, is needed to determine if Hillary Clinton’s State Department functioned, at least to some degree and in some cases, as a pay-for-play operation and whether the Clinton Foundation has functioned, at least in part, as a kind of high-class philanthropic slush fund.”


“If the book is true–if it’s half-true- it is a dirty story.”

Just a quick glance at the Table of Contents gives one a slight flavor of how the CCFF operates as a pay-to-play operation to get the syndicate ever more and more and more money. A few chapter titles will suffice: “The Lincoln Bedroom Goes Global”, “The Transfer: Bill’s Excellent Kazakh Adventure”, “Podium Economics: What Was Bill Being Paid For?”, and the chapter delving into what one news site called the most obscene of all, “Disaster Capitalism Clinton-Style: The 2010 Haitian Relief Effort”.

I will highlight two of these malodorous stories. I discuss Bill’s Excellent Kazakh Adventure because of several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the New York Times, surely the most reliable of all the Democrat Party publications, not only checked Mr. Schweizer’s research on the despicable uranium deal, but expanded on his research to publish a very comprehensive report on it. And I also discuss the moral sewer which was the Haiti Relief Effort and was truly obscene and demonstrates most graphically just how depraved these hoodlums really are in their quest to never be “dead broke” again.

“Bill’s Excellent Kazakh Adventure” (also known as Borat-gate)– Bonnie and Clyde sold their souls (?) so Putin could get most of our uranium

That excellent adventure started in September 2005, when the Old Horndog “hitched a ride” on the private jet of his pal, Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining investor and plutocrat. It bears noting, in considering the amount of “wretched excess” which adorns many of the stories about these grifters, that his plane had a bathroom and shower, gold-plated bathroom fixtures, leather upholstered reclining seats, flat-panel TVs and original paintings on the cabin walls. It featured a boardroom and slept 18 comfortably.

On September 6, 2005, Bill and his pal touched down in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a part of the world where Genghis Khan once roamed, with Bill’s ostensible reason being an effort to help with the country’s battle against AIDS. The book notes that while HIV/AIDS cases in that country accounted for between 0.1 and 0.3% of the population, other countries like Botswanna and South Africa had vastly higher rates of infection–24.% and 18.8%, respectively.

It turned out that there just might have been another reason for Bill’s visit to the Land of Borat, and that had to do with “buttering up” the “President” of Kazakhstan to help his pal Giustra get a toe hold in uranium mines that “are among the most lucrative in the world.” At the big banquet for Bill and Giustra the evening they arrived in gold-plated splendor, the “President”, with the word in quotes as he is actually a brutal and ruthless dictator, Bill praised this latter-day Saddam Hussein  for “opening up the social and political life of your country”, a “glowing assessment not shared by anyone in the human rights community”. Bill, who one may always assume has a reason for his actions, was fawning over a tyrant who was well known to resort to torture, arbitrary detention, restrictions on freedom of speech and press and assembly, pervasive corruption (birds of a feather?) and human trafficking., so what could he hope to gain by statements referred to by a diplomat who served in his own State Department as “patently absurd”?

A piece of the puzzle falls into place upon reading a part of the recent New York Times analysis:

“Within days of the visit, Mr. Giustra’s fledgling company, UrAsia Energy Ltd., signed a preliminary deal giving it stakes in three uranium mines controlled by the state-run uranium agency Kazatomprom.”


“[The New York Times] also reported that several months later, Mr. Giustra had donated $31.3 million to Mr. Clinton’s foundation.”

From there, it is no exaggeration to say that Giustra’s brand new company–basically just a shell few days before–“grow’d like Topsy”, with quick steps like the 2007 merger with Uranium One, in what was described as a 3.5 BILLION dollar transaction.

Later, Giustra pledged $100 million to the “Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative” and hosted a fundraiser for that new project in Toronto with a big cast of star entertainers, which resulted in pledges of $16 million and at which Bill told the crowd that Giustra was a man of “caring and modesty, of vision and energy and iron determination” and also told the group “I love this guy, and you should, too”!

In 2009, there was one of those “bumps in the road” we hear so much about these days from the Head of the Chicago Crime Syndicate in the White House, caused by the arrest of the head of the Kazakh nuclear agency on charges that he illegally sold uranium deposits to foreign companies, including at least some of those won by Giustra’s UrAsia and now owned by Uranium One. Its stock dropped 40% overnight and it pressed the American Embassy in Kazakhstan, and Canadian officials as well, to take up its cause with Kazakh officials. The American Embassy reported to the Secretary of State, one Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton by this time. Meeting were held with Kazakh officials over the next 2 days. The cloudy skies miraculously cleared and a few days later a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia’s nuclear energy agency, Rosatom, completed a deal for 17% of Uranium One; a year after that, it was increased to 51%. Not long after all this transpired, Bill got one of his biggest speech paydays ever, with an invitation to speak in Moscow at an event sponsored by a Russian investment bank which made a huge pile of rubles from managing the aforesaid deal, being paid $500,000 for one speech. I am sure we can all believe the Clintons and their hacks when they argue that it was just a coincidence that the major investors in all of this, who made immense fortunes out of it, turned out to be very major contributors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation to the tune, according to the book, of over $145 million.  If you believe Carville et. al when they scream this at the MSNBC  and CNN cameras, I have some beachfront property in Montana I’d like to talk with you about.

Haiti: Filth, Human Destruction, Moral Devastation in the wake of the 2010 Earthquake–and that describes the Clintons, not the physical aftermath of the earthquake

“It is the sense of Congress that transparency, accountability, democracy, and good governance are integral factors in any congressional decision regarding United States assistance, including assistance to Haiti.” Assessing progress in Haiti Act of 2014, section 4

As stated in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The US legislation cited above singles out Haiti. There could hardly be a better example of Clinton machinations undermining development. Congress is partly to blame and now seeks to make amends.”

Of all the chapters in this new book, this one most dramatically presents the question: Where to begin? This is due, at least in part, because nowhere in all these stories is the stench of amorality and straight  out depravity on the part of these two creatures of the sewer so powerful and simply overwhelming.

What happened within a few days of the disaster was so mind-boggling that one is left with the sensation that this can’t possibly be the truth, as it sounds like fiction– and not very good fiction, at that. Right after it happened, Cheryl Mills — a name much in the news these days as the Clinton family consigliere who made the decisions as to which of Madame Hillary’s e-mails we peons of the public might, emphasis on might, be allowed to see– was assigned responsibility for how our taxpayer money, directed through USAID, would be spent. Within days, the State Department, led by one Hillary Rodham Clinton, created the Interim Haitian Relief Committee (IHRC) and appointed as co-chairs the Prime Minister of Haiti and–you guessed it— HER “HUSBAND”! What could possibly go wrong, you might ask! Apparently no one even raised the slight possibility that there just might be a tiny little question of conflict of interest, but from then on Bill was known variously as “The Viceroy”, “The Czar of Haiti”, “President of Haiti”, and the list goes on and on.

The Economist magazine summed it up best:

“The strange multi-dimensional role that Mr. Clinton plays as co-chair of the IHRC, special UN envoy, former US president, spouse of the US secretary of state, and head of his own foundation which supports projects in the country, will continue to lead to confusion about who he advocates for and to whom he ultimately answers.”

Or, as quoted in a Wall Street Journal column two weeks after the earthquake hit, one individual said “if you don’t have Clinton connections, you won’t be in the game.” The article went on to note that the “game” meant securing hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts from the State Department’s US Agency for International Development and grants from multilateral instit utions like the InterAmerican Development Bank, which gets the bulk of its funding from the US.

One or two examples might suffice to illustrate the in-your-face avarice of the Clintons. In 2012, the Haitian government decided to do something it had not done in more than 50 years: grant permits for open-pit gold mining. One of two recipients was a small North Carolina company, VCS Mining, on whose Board of Directors sat the former Haitian prime minister (and IHRC co chairman with Bill– go figure!) and another person with a vaguely familiar last name–Tony Rodham, who had no background in mining. Half of his bio on the company’s website concerned his ties to his sister and her husband. This sweetheart deal provoked outrage in the Haitian Senate, which passed a resolution unanimously condemning the secrecy of the deal and calling for a moratorium on new mining permits.

The Caracol Industrial Park is the project most often cited as one of the, if not the, most malodorous deals of all. This was to be built in the northern part of the country, which was untouched by the disaster, and to be funded by US taxpayer funds; it was pushed by, who else?, Cheryl Mills and was to have created 60,000 jobs and to have built 25,000 homes for the workers there. It was supposed to feature some 40 buildings for apparel assembly; there are only 3 in full operation at the present time.  It has so far actually built 6,000 homes and provided about 3,000 jobs, not the 60,000 jobs promised. However, Friends of Bill such as a number of US retailers including GAP, Target Stores and Wal-Mart profited handsomely from selling the low cost products coming out of Caracol. All of these companies, of course, have close connections to either the Clinton Crime Family Foundation or the Hillary Campaign Funds– surely a coincidence.

As summed up in the book,

“In sum, little of the money that has poured int Haiti since the 2010 earthquake has ended hp helping Haitians. And how that money was spent was largely up to Hillary and Bill.”


“In the meantime, the rubble-strewn streets of Port-au-Prince are still populated by those who saw their homes destroyed in 2010. These victims’ new worth hasn’t changed but that of the Clintons and their associates surely has.”

The Clintons should be under indictment, awaiting trial, not acting like the King and Queen-Elect of our beloved Nation

Please, please, please read this book, and decide for yourself if anything in it, or in my view of it, for that matter, is overstated, exaggerated, or in any way not supported by extensive research and evidence. If you find it as solid a piece of persuasion as I did, perhaps you will wonder, as I do, how in the world, in the greatest Nation ever created, and one which holds the Rule of Law in the place of highest honor, these two creatures of corruption are not behind bars.

Please read this book.