“Democrats the party of ‘normal’ “–you can’t make this stuff up!

More and more lately, I find myself spotting something in an opinion column which, at first glance simply appears either slightly or very witty and amusing, causing me to think to myself that must be one more of those great Onion masterpieces, only to find out the author was dead serious and actually believed what he or she was writing. One of the clearest examples of this was my recent quick glance at the above headline, in which a certain Froma Harrop actually, in all seriousness, described the party of the Cackler-in-Chief Hillary Rodham Clinton and the only socialist in the United States Congress, Bernie the Bern, as the party of “normal”. It is times like this that I  know, to a certainty, that someone is certifiably crazy, either moi, or those who refer to the party of the baby part marketplace whose standard bearer would almost certainly be under indictment by now under any sane, reasonable circumstances, “the party of ‘normal’ “! Thus, I thought it might be helpful to “parse out” this truly bizarre column, as “parsing out” is so admired among all the loony Clintonistas, to try as best we can to understand where this kind of unmoored-from-reality thinking is really coming from, after which I will take a brief look at a new book which details the almost complete shattering of American society due to the kind of polarization represented by this kind of thought (?) process.

One knows one is in for a real ride into the fringes of outer space thinking when the article starts out by describing the attitude of the head of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation at the recent debate as her “upbeat morning-in-America approach” as compared to that of the true loon on the stage that night, who she refers to as “America’s favorite socialist” — don’t know about you, but I do not have any “favorite” Socialists in my world, Brooklyn Boinie or anyone else– who brought “some refreshing breaths of nuance on polarizing issues.” Please permit me to stop right there for a question– what is about liberals and “nuance”? Do you know anyone who spends any of their actual, real time in life worrying about whether or not they are being “nuanced” enough? I guess it’s a very large negative in my life to have to admit that nuance has not played a very large –if any at all–part in my life.

So, this Queen of nuance continues with a contrast of those really, really “normal” people (?) at the Democrat debate, the most dishonest woman in American history with whom a large percentage of those polled associated the word “liar”, a screaming Socialist from Brooklyn by way of the state of Ben and Jerry and other flakes and nuts, the former mayor of Baltimore (enough said) who apparently works out a lot, a nerd who is running to convert us to the metric system and the only actually normal person of the lot, a man to whom we all owe a loud –not nuanced– Semper Fi and thanks for his service, Jim Webb, with the Republican candidates. First of all, Carly is not “normal” because she cited a Planned Parenthood video which the author says was fabricated to condemn abortion, without once mentioning that all 11 videos (as of the latest release on October 27) are clearly genuine, with the most recent one indicating that one of their abortion doctors is striving to perform a partial birth abortion so late she will be able to “harvest” a complete head, with brain intact! Normal? Any Nation which considers that “normal” is doomed. No nuance there.

Madam Nuance then goes on to note her admiration for Senator Socialist striking “the high note” by “mocking the overblown controversy over Clinton’s use of private emails as secretary of state.” Normal? “Overblown”? Apparently, this is a view not shared by the head of the FBI, who has assigned 25 Special Agents to investigate whether the most corrupt, dishonest, sleazy, despicable, greedy, grasping, foul-mouthed, gross pig of a woman in American history should be indicted for breach of the Espionage Act, among others. Normal, indeed.

This author then showers praise on this potential felon by noting her statement that “it’s our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism”– can’t have too much capitalism, don’t you know, as that would clearly NOT be normal.

To be fair to Madam Nuance, she does give credit to Mr. Webb, showing she does have a glimmer of common sense amidst all the Pixie Dust she spreads around (there is another description for what she spreads around, but it is really, really not nuanced! ) and with that praise I note my 100% agreeement along with a feeling of great sadness that he is so totally lost in this “party of normal” that he didn’t stand a chance and has now withdrawn from this “race to the bottom”, as one columnist referred to it.

All of which leads to a brief note of a recent book which has been described as “a meticulously argued analysis of the growing disorder” caused by the kind of polarization represented by the kind of thinking which can actually call the Democrat Party of 2015 “the party of normal”! The book is Shattered Consensus by James Piereson, who makes the case that there is an inevitable “revolution coming because our politics, culture, education, economics and even philanthropy are so polarized that the country can no longer resolve its differences.” When I read blather like the article discussed above, even as I literally ferociously believe in the freest possible interpretation of the First Amendment, I find myself simply unable to comprehend the ideas set forth in such a piece as it is so completely detached from the real world in which most people with functioning minds live. The two periods of consensus preceding the one we are in at present are discussed in detail in the article entitled “America is due for a revolution” by Michael Goodwin, to which I wholeheartedly commend you, and he concludes his discussion with the pessimistic view that “we are far from reaching a consensus on almost anything” and that “there are so many fault lines that the nation sems consumed by a conflict of all against all.” So, maybe we should give the Socialist his due– maybe there really is a revolution coming, with almost certainly disastrous results.

I know the idea of “the tipping point” is overused, but, in my humble opinion, it will be the point of no return for the greatest Nation ever created in the history of the world if a certain sub-human creature named Clinton assumes the Presidency of the United States of America, and brings her animal of a “husband” with her. I cannot see any Nation recovering from such a sustained, head-on assault on the morals on which our beloved Nation was built.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim George, October 28, 2015

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