“13 Hours”: A Wrenching Experience

James A. George

I did not think I could hate Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton any more than I did just a few hours ago. I was wrong. I have just seen the movie, based not upon the fabric of corrupt, despicable, sleazy, outrageous lies of the street thugs we know as our [               ] –I simply cannot accord him the honorific– and the former Secretary of State but upon the real life experiences of a group of the most courageous real life Americans you will ever see in your life, the ones who waited all night long for their fellow Americans to help them. Their support never came. Even the next morning when they were finally being evacuated from the Benghazi Airport, it was in a Libyan transport plane; as one of the heroes of the night said as they were boarding the plane: “still no Americans.” If this is not one of the lowest and most disgraceful moments in our Nation’s history, I cannot claim to know American history as I thought I did.

See this movie, and as you are watching Rone and Glen getting blown into bits of meat by mortar hits on the roof of the Annex, think back to that nightmare of a moment when Obama and Clinton brazenly (I am searching for words to describe the total sleazy lack of any human feeling they displayed but it is difficult to describe  people (?) so devoid of humanity) standing over the coffins of those families’ loved ones and lying to their face about what happened when they knew all along, since the beginning of the attack, that it was a full fledged, carefully  planned,  attack, with RPGs and mortar rockets. After experiencing this movie, I could never again have even a scintilla of respect for the scum in the leadership of our government at the time this happened and those “leaders” left Americans to fend for themselves.

“No American left behind”, the sub-humans at the head of our Government on the evening of September 11, 2012, love to say in their speeches before their crowds of sycophants.

See this movie, and you will come away with perhaps a very different feeling about what that phrase really means, and, much more importantly, what it obviously meant to Rone and Glen and Sean and Ambassador Taylor. Alas, they cannot be reached for  comment.

See this movie, but be forewarned: if you are a person who loves America and hurts when your beloved Nation is hurt and disgraced and when her time-honored traditions are cast aside for the lowest of motives, and especially if you are a veteran of, and love, The American Military, this will be a deeply, deeply wrenching experience for you.

I have used a word for my feeling about these non-humans which I have been taught all my life not to use –hate. I have been taught that Christians simply do not hate. I have tried to live by those wise teachings, but there is just no other word to describe how I feel about these wretched, miserable, horrible, America-hating “people” who had it in their power to save at least two of those lives by uttering one word — GO!– and chose not to do for the most unforgivable of all reasons: pure political self-interest. I will ask the appropriate Authority for His Mercy and Forgiveness, but there is no other word for the feeling I have for them.

“Still no Americans”: says it all.

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