Naïve on Shady Lake

James A. George

I am naïve.

I actually believe there are men and women of honor in public service and that one or more of them will come forward to name –in public-Hillary Rodham Clinton what she really is, a person whose dishonesty, venality and corruption has now reached the level of illegality at which an indictment for numerous Federal felonies (over 2,000, according to the most recent reporting) simply must be recommended by the FBI. I will, right here, go on record as saying that I believe one of those persons of honor is James Comey, Director of the FBI, who will not allow the integrity of the agency he heads to be besmirched by the gutter politics of what is very clearly the sleaziest and most lawless Administration (see, e.g., Lawless, by David E. Bernstein, among many relevant sources on this topic) in American history.

My naiveté is based on persons and acts of kindness and caring I see all around me, every day, especially in the last month or two for reasons I will explain. I emphasize this point because what I see in ordinary citizens all around me does not even faintly resemble the crude, rude, smearing, searing devastation and destruction we must identify as our “Presidential” campaign. The decent people I know are – there is no other way to put it—mortified at political figures who openly attack the physical appearance of another candidate’s wife and speak in public, in barely coded terms, about the size of their genitals, language unthinkable not very long ago. The decent people I know – and I know this makes them laughably old-fashioned—do not understand a female candidate who apparently has not lived with her husband, as his wife, since memory runneth not to the contrary, but stands by (solely because he is politically valuable to her) while he takes many trips on a private jet owned by a convicted pedophile named The Lolita Express to an island resort noted for orgies involving very young women. These old, pathetically out-of-date codgers even think it is rather odd that this female candidate who has spent much of her life trying to ruin women her “husband” has been involved with can, with a straight face, run on a platform of “Women’s rights”!

All of this, and the loud screamers on all the news shows, is quite simply repulsive to many of the decent people I am enormously fortunate to know and some of them, and I am definitely in this number, feel a deep sense of resentment that they will be called upon, come Election Day, to choose between two sleazy people who are so far from anything in their experience –or, as one political wit put it, to have “a choice of the evil of two lessers”!

Not to get too mawkish about it, but here are some of the things I have personally observed and experienced that tell me this is, by and large, a very kind and decent and caring country, the revese of the world of their “representatives” and the cultural sewer they live in.

Judi, my bride of 44 years and counting, was recently diagnosed with a very serious illness and, while I know this has happened to many other families on many other occasions, the outpouring of offers of prayers and caring and love, the beautiful cards and letters, some delivering  books about her illness, the meals delivered to our front door, has really been enough to take one’s breath away. And, there have also been the surprising discoveries of caring by acquaintances one might not have previously thought would show those qualities.

The deep rooted decency and goodness graced our lives again only a few days ago in conduct by two members of the Baton Rouge Police Department who displayed beyond-the-call-of-duty kindness to my wife and son. We had been at a concert by the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra and I had gone to get the car but experienced an unexpectedly long wait for the valet service, leaving Judi and Brock on the street after the concertgoers had left. I agonized over whether to just go back up to them but kept waiting on the chance that the long process would finally speed up. It didn’t. When I finally got to them with the car, I found that two officers had “stood guard” with them and that one of the two had actually gone down to the garage to see what had happened to cause such a delay. These remarkable acts of generosity and courtesy stand in stark contrast with the vicious attacks on law enforcement officers all across the country and show, once again, how totally disconnected from the real America much of the political class really is in the fractured body politic brought to us by Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.  Because I feel so strongly that good conduct of this exemplary nature should be noticed and complimented, I sent this thank you letter to the Chief of Police of the City of Baton Rouge:

Dear Chief Dabadie:

I am writing this to express my, and my family’s, very deep appreciation and high compliments for the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty assistance Cpl. Argolda Lovely and Cpl. Michelle Iverson rendered to my wife and my son as they waited on the street outside the River Center Friday night, May 13, after the Renee Fleming performance while I got our car out of the parking garage. There was an inordinate delay in getting cars due to a huge line of people waiting for the valet workers to retrieve cars, and I became very concerned about my wife and my son waiting on the street after all the Symphony attendees had left. When I finally got there, they told me how incredibly helpful these two officers had been in staying with them and with one of them even going to look for me due to concerns that maybe something had happened to me to cause such a long delay in getting back to them with the car. It is my genuine hope that your office will communicate my appreciation and compliments to them for their very kind assistance at a time when it was really needed. I know our law enforcement officials, who do so much to help and defend us, get far more than their share of complaints  and, sadly, sometimes outright abuse, and I was not going to let one more day pass without being sure these officers knew how much they and their service are appreciated by the George family!

The Chief replied most graciously, noting, in part:  “…but know the men and women of Baton Rouge Police Department will go above and beyond to make sure that our citizens are safe.  It is people like yourself who know the true character of our officers and we will continue to provide this and many more services for the people we serve. “

These are but two of many examples I could cite – and we all undoubtedly have our share of such stories—which illustrate so dramatically the deep divide between the day-to-day life of good and fine and decent American citizens and the “other” world of sleaze and savagery and insults and corruption and blind ambition and avarice occupied by “our betters” such as Hillary Clinton, a federal felon 2000 times over, save the formality of an indictment, and Donald Trump, a vulgarian pig.

It is because the place where I live is the decent America, with millions of good American citizens, under a system of government designed by our Founding geniuses and termed by Abraham Lincoln as “the last best hope of earth”, that I have a deeply abiding faith in, and hope for, the survival of our Nation in these very dark times.

Just when I feel there is little hope, I find such words as these from a man we consider one of the greatest of those decent Americans, Justice Clarence Thomas, and I know we will survive this avalanche of slime:

“…I have often reflected on the important citizenship lessons of my life. …It was  my grandmother dividing our dinner because another person showed up unannounced. … There was the librarian who brought books to mass so that I would not be without reading materials on the farm. Small lessons such as these became big lessons for how to live our lives. We watched and learned what it means to be a good person, a good neighbor, or a good citizen. … These small lessons become the unplanned syllabus for becoming a good citizen, and your efforts to live them will help to form the fabric of a civil society and a free and prosperous nation where inherent equality and liberty are inviolable.” (Commencement Address, Hillsdale College, May 14, 2016)

And then, when I start seeing dark clouds again, I read this brilliant riposte to our ever-apologizing President, who tells the world we are not a Christian nation, reminding all of us of our deeply Christian roots, no matter what the Blame-America-First naysayers try to tell us: (“My Country Was of Thee”, American Thinker, May20,

The subtle anti-Christian multiculturalism that places exceptions as more important than the norm, will undo the whole fabric of this amazing American experiment, an experiment in human social organization that brought civilization forward into a prosperity, a decency, a national integrity that had never been seen before. The warp and woof of that society has been Christianity.

Our Christ-inspired largess toward those of other persuasions is not a surrender of our high ground; it is an expression of it.

Our Christian concern for the welfare of those less fortunate is not a submission to Marxist principles because it is personal, not collectivist.

Our Christian desire to come to the aid of refugees is not a willingness to offer up the wellbeing of our own children as sacrifices to other gods.

Our readiness to treat others as we would be treated is not a refusal to stand up for all those ideals our Christian faith teaches us to hold dear.

Long may our land be bright
With freedom’s holy light;
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God, our King!

We are a Christian nation — or we are no nation at all.

God Bless America!


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