Police Tragedy in Baton Rouge

Like  all of our Baton Rouge friends, we are deeply stricken with grief and anger and hurt at this despicable and insane slaughter of officers of the Baton Rouge Police Department and, while I have been the first to express strong disagreement with those who leap to conclusions without having even a scintilla of evidence before making speeches, etc. (if the phrase “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” sounds vaguely familiar, that incident is exactly what I am referring to– sadly, only one of many statements by this President which have not been helpful, and that is the most civil way I can put my feelings at this point), it is quite apparent that this was, quite simply, an ambush of some sort. We will offer our prayers for the fallen and the injured and their families as we await further evidence, but one thing is clear–this must stop before this Nation is plunged into all-out warfare. I will now proudly display the following emblem on my messages to show my deep and respectful support for the defenders of (what is left of) the American Rule of Law, the bedrock upon which this, the greatest Nation ever created by the mind of man, is based.

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