The Bottomless Corruption of Hillary, Huma, Cheryl and their sycophants

We now have, in addition to the multitude of violations of public trust outlined by the Director of the FBI right before he permanently soiled himself and his reputation for integrity and that of his agency by letting this criminal skate for Federal offenses from which no one not named Clinton would have escaped prosecution, the spectacle of this gang of lawless cretins deliberately and intentionally destroying evidence they knew to be under Congressional subpoena! It does seem that every day that passes sees new levels of sheer depravity by these people and, of course, it will continue as long as they know they can get away with it–truth be known, the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua has been getting away with violations of public trust, that of the citizens of Arkansas, where she honed her slithery talents of deception and artifice, and then, for lo these many years, after an interim training on the citizens of New York, the citizens of the United States.

Therefore, I have written the following letters to my representatives in Congress, and would most wholeheartedly urge any of my fellow citizens so moved to do the same. I muddle along under no illusions whatsoever that my lone voice, even though I have tried to back it up with brief, but hopefully solid, research, is going to make a whit of difference, but I am still naive enough to believe that if enough of us present a strong and powerful enough voice about this outrageous in-your-face lawlessness, it just might make some difference, even if only a small one.

So, here are my letters; just a cry in the wilderness of just one citizen trying to get the attention of his public “servants” and trying to get them to do SOMEthing, ANYthing, before it’s too late, because if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States, it will, in all probability, be “too late” for America.

Letter of September 4, 2016:

This message is being sent to my representatives in Congress, Senators Vitter and Cassidy and Congressman Graves and concerns what I and many others view as the complete dismantling of the Rule of Law by the President, the Attorney General and the FBI, with regard to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and others on Mrs. Clinton’s staff.


It is becoming more and more clear that Clinton and her staff may welll have destroyed evidence which, at the time of its destruction either by them personally or at their direction, they knew to be evidence subject to a validly issued subpoena. This was beginning to be the clear case before the  FBI cynically made its “Friday night before a long holiday weekend document dump”, an act which should convince anyone that the Bureau and the Department of Justice have become totally politicized under this Administration. However, although the Bureau only gave Congress two items for public release, ordering that the remainder be subject to very strict viewing “privileges” (when did we get to the point that a Member of the Senate or the House of Representatives are ordered to observe such strict limits on what they can and cannot see of records which should all be totally public records? ) but, according to several analyses I have reviewed over the past two days, it is beginning to appear that Clinton’s staff deliberately destroyed, or attempted to destroy, a large volume of her e-mails, some of which related to the Benghazi tragedy, over which she should have been impeached long ago, not by “wiping with a cloth, or something” as she so cynically stated at one of her two “press availabilities” in 10 months, but by the use of a device known as Bleach Bit, said to leave no traces whatsoever on any drive it touches. One of the most thorough discussions I have seen on this question, and one which I most respectfully request that you read carefully, was published yesterday in the Washington Examiner and authored by Byron York, a highly respected investigative reporter, and a real journalist in a time when those are more and more scarce on the ground. His article (From FBI Fragments, a question: Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?”) contains the following statement, and it is important in reading this sentence to remember  that this reporter is not given to unsupported charges of any kind:

“But even with the fragments now public-the Clinton 302, the overview report, but none of the many other witness interviews-  it seems fair to conclude that staff on the Clinton team destroyed material that was under subpoena. Whether that was unwitting, or whether it was something else, is not known, at least publicly.”

There are so many other legitimate questions to which the public should be demanding answers it has become difficult to keep track of all of them, but certainly one such question which should be answered by the Justice Department and the FBI is, as is phrased in the title of an excellent article by Andrew McCarthy which appeared Friday in National Review Online: “Hillary Clinton’s Mind-Boggling FBI Interview-What Was Cheryl Mills Doing There?” It is truly astonishing that an agency which was once known world-wide as the epitome of integrity and incorruptibility is now shown to have conducted an investigation which was, to be most charitable, almost as “extremely careless” as its Director deemed Mrs. Clinton’s handling of National Security secrets. It is truly mind-boggling that they would permit one of the main organizers of the entire e-mail cover up scheme, if not the one who conceived the entire operation, to sit in with the person who was the target of the investigation (and who without a doubt would now be under indictment had her name been Hillary Rodham Smith).

After many decades at the Louisiana Bar, the very idea of this kind of pure, unmitigated lawlessness is so repulsive to me that it defies description in terms civil and professional.

Therefore, I am asking you, as one of my representatives in the United States Congress, to –as soon as possible, please-use whatever procedures, powers, agencies, etc. you may have within your authority to bring to bear whatever needs to be done, including urging the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, to bring these lawless people who were supposed to be working for us, the taxpayers, but were in fact working for the Clinton Family Foundation, all the while, to the Bar of Justice, exactly as would be any other “regular” citizen not named Clinton, long ago.

I would greatly appreciate being advised of what steps you intend to take in this regard, and with best wishes, I am,

James A. George

Letter of September 7, 2016:

This message is being sent to my representatives in Congress, Senators Vitter and Cassidy and Congressman Graves and concerns what I and many others view as the complete dismantling of the Rule of Law by the President, the Attorney General and the FBI, with regard to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and others on Mrs. Clinton’s staff and constitutes my request that you join publicly with Chairman Jason Chaffetz in calling upon the US Attorney for the District of Columbia to open an investigation into their lawless conduct by the intentional destruction of evidence under subpoena.

I urge you, as one of my three representatives in Congress, to actively and openly and publicly join the Chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in his call for the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia to immediately launch a full investigation into what more and more clearly appears to be deliberate, willful, intentional, wanton and lawless destruction of evidence –UNDER SUBPOENA AT THE TIME OF ITS DESTRUCTION—by and/or on behalf of Hillary Clinton during and after her tenure as Secretary of State, in which capacity she doubled as Manager of the pay to play scheme benefitting herself, her husband and her daughter.

In an article appearing in the Independent Journal Review (url: the author notes:

“Hillary Clinton was let off the hook earlier this summer when The Department of Justice hastily dropped the mysterious case of the missing emails.

The flurry of activity coinciding around that curious decision was punctuated by an odd press conference delivered by FBI Director James Comey, followed by a pronouncement by Attorney General Loretta Lynch that ‘of course, she’d be taking the advice of the FBI and would cease investigation of Mrs. Clinton posthaste.’

As is always the case with the Clintons, there is more to the story. Signaling that a Hillary Clinton presidency would truly be a historically fractious one, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has now issued a call for the federal prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton for “obstruction of justice.”

Although I assume your staff has ready access to Chairman Chaffetz’ letter, here is the url for ease of immediate reference:

She should be (finally!) indicted for, inter alia, obstruction of justice for this clearly intentional (regardless of what the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General of the United States may believe) destruction of evidence under subpoena, which fact was very clearly, according to the string of letters submitted by Rep. Chaffetz along with his recent letter to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, known to Mrs. Clinton and her staff, or, at a minimum, should have been known by the person we have been assured is “the most qualified person to ever run for the President of the United States”.

I would appreciate very much hearing from you, or a staff member who is authorized to give me a complete report, as to your response to this request and what steps you intend to take to publicly support Chairman Chaffetz in pushing for this investigation of this extremely corrupt group of people, who have violated the great trust put in them by the American people.

I remain,

James A. George

As this critical election season moves on, “in its steady pace”, and it becomes more and more clear that the defeat of the most dishonest, corrupt, grasping, greedy, hypocritical, cold, cynical pathological liar who ever stood for election to the highest position of trust we Americans can give anyone is absolutely essential to the survival of our Beloved Nation as we know it, all I can say in closing is

God Bless America!






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