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“Rubes in the hinterlands”

Jim George, Proud Deplorable (and rube)

A letter to the editor appeared in our paper, The Baton Rouge Advocate, this morning which contained the above words describing all of us “deplorables” down here in South Flyover Country (and from sea to shining sea!)and it just called so loudly for an answer I simply could not resist answering, as it were, “the call of the loon”. The letter was entitled “Electoral College bad way to pick President”, and the writer listed several reasons in support of his position in that regard, including the following:

“Third, the historical excuses for the Electoral College have become anachronistic. Mass media and the constitution have seen to that. Now that information is so plentiful and so readily available to everyone, there is absolutely no need to rely on educated and informed surrogates to do the thinking for the rubes in the hinterland. Slaves were freed in by the Emancipation Proclamation and made full citizens by the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments, thus obviating any need to afford the additional advantage previously given to southern states by the Electoral College system.”(Emphasis mine)

My response, just submitted to The Advocate for their consideration of an alternate and hopefully reasonable viewpoint, is as follows, and is submitted for your perusal and comment, if any:

“In a letter which appeared in the November 21, 2016, issue, the writer, perhaps quite inadvertently, revealed, in a single phrase, the mindset which delivered the Trump Presidency to America, including those like the writer who would have preferred to be celebrating President Hillary Rodham Clinton now. In his discussion of the reasons supporting his position that, to quote the title, the “Electoral College [is a] bad way to pick [P]resident”, he states, apparently referring to the Electors, that “there is absolutely no need to rely on educated and informed surrogates to do the thinking for the rubes in the hinterland” which truly tells the entire story of why we now have a President-Elect Trump and a Vice-President Elect Pence. As a proud member of that reviled “basket of deplorables” so sneeringly condescended to by the Democrat nominee before her Manhattan audience of elite grandees, in which she called me, and those who joined me in that hated “basket” that day, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and, as if that were not enough, “you name it” just for good measure! The writer, and those similarly inclined, may not wish to admit it, but “deplorables” like me, or, shall we say, “rubes” in our “hinterlands”, are quite simply sick of being the subject of what appeared to many of us to be a continuing wave of sneer and snark and condescension, so we elected the person we thought, in good faith, would Make America Great Again, for–to answer the insulting cast of Hamilton recently in their “lecture” to the future Vice-President of the United States–, “all of us.” “

“As I noted the occupation of the writer was indicated to be “librarian”, I would suggest he is well situated to take advantage of the large body of scholarly research on the origins of, and the reasons for, the Electoral College, one more brilliant gift of the greatest group of geniuses ever gathered in history, our Founding (if I may be pardoned for this bit of non-PC language) Fathers. Should he take advantage of all that research, he will undoubtedly learn, in addition to the fact that we are not, in fact, a democracy, but a Democratic Republic, that were it not for the Electoral College, every Presidential election would be decided by four states, 3 very blue and 1 very red, in which event we “rubes in the hinterland” would, for all intents and purposes, lose the franchise. Surely, the writer and those of like mind would not wish that, even for those they hold in such obvious contempt that they refer to us as “rubes”, would they? God Bless America, and thank God for the Founding Fathers!”

There was a great piece recently in American Thinker entitled “Is Hypocrisy a Character Trait of the Left?” and the answer was, not exactly surprisingly, a resounding yes. However, it definitely would appear that one character trait which seems to be missing among the left, in addition to even the slightest scintilla of a sense of humor, is a sense of irony leading to a near-total inability to see that what happened to their candidate was, in large part, this precise kind of condescension and snark.

“We Don’t Have Many Presidents Left”

Jim George

So said one of our dearest friends recently in discussing this election season, based on the fact that she and My Lady are “of a certain age” and I am a good decade past them on that dark scale. Because of the level I have acquired on that dreaded counter, I may well have only one President left and, with all due respect to those many citizens, including some (many?) friends, acquaintances and family, who will use one of the most precious rights ever given mankind to vote for the only presidential candidate under active criminal investigation (before you cite Mr. Comey’s latest letter, note that the Clinton Criminal Family Foundation is still under active investigation), a person who is probably the most deeply corrupt and blatantly dishonest person to ever run for the White House.

I am writing this on the eve of Election Day 2016 in order to set out my thoughts on my choice at a time well before anyone has even an inkling of the actual outcome at least 24 hours after this is posted. For the same reason, to assure there can be no “shading” of these remarks by the influence, real or imagined, of who will actually win, I wish to express my concern at the number of our fellow citizens with obviously functioning minds who have had access to the very same information I have studied over the years about this truly wretched and openly unethical person who will cast their precious vote for her tomorrow, or have already done so in early voting.

I can—and do—respect their obvious right to vote for such a thoroughly lawless person and still wonder how anyone who knows what she is, what she represents, what the scurrilous gang she surrounds herself with represents (have they read even one Wikileaks release?) and the cloud of sleaze which will surround her from Day One could even consider giving her their vote. When a person like Doug Schoen, one who has made his living as a consultant to nothing but Democrat candidates states very openly, and I might add, very courageously, that he cannot in good conscience vote for Clinton in view of his certain knowledge that her election will precipitate a Constitutional crisis due to the many (justifiable and well founded!) investigations she and her sycophants will undergo, it speaks volumes against the fitness of such a person to serve in any office, much less the highest office in the land.

As I am speaking my mind so that the record will be one of clarity as to where I stood well before there was either a President Trump or a, God forbid, President Clinton (does no one remember the open sewer of slime the first one was?), I will also express my astonishment at the numbers of citizens voting for Clinton who are members of the Learned Profession of the Law, whose very existence is due to, and devoted to the preservation of, the American Rule of Law. It is, quite simply, beyond me and my admittedly limited intellect to fully grasp how a person trained in the sacred principles of the Law, and, yes, I do know I am showing what a dinosaur I am by using “quaint” words like that, could even think about voting for a person who, as outlined in an excellent analysis on Ricochet this morning by Dave Carter , responded to the FBI’s investigation by:

  • Providing two BlackBerry devices with their SIM or SD data cards removed.
  • Destroying or losing 13 of Hillary’s personal mobile devices being sought by the FBI as evidence while claiming publicly that she only used one device.
  • Deleting server backups to avoid FBI examination.
  • Wiping laptops with BleachBit when notified that they contained records sought by the FBI and the House Benghazi Committee.
  • Permanently deleting emails from her “PRN” [Platte River Networks] server after those emails were subpoenaed.
  • Manually deleting backups of the PRN server after her records were subpoenaed.

Despite these extraordinary efforts by the candidate and her staff to circumvent lawful subpoenas by hiding and destroying evidence, further FBI investigation discovered:

  • 2,093 emails that the State Department classifies as Confidential or Secret despite Hillary’s claims that there were no classified emails..
  • 193 emails (totaling 81 individual email chains) that ranged in classification, at the time they were sent, from Confidential to Top Secret/Special Access Program.
  • 8 Top Secret email chains.
  • 37 Secret email chains.
  • 36 Confidential email chains.
  • 7 Special Access Program email chains.
  • 3 Sensitive Compartmentalized Information email chains.
  • 37 Not Releasable to Foreign Government email chains.
  • 2 Releasable Only to Five Allied Partners email chains.
  • 12 of the above email chains which were withheld by Clinton attorneys, but which the FBI recovered using other methods.
  • The above email chains also contained classified information from CIA, DOD, FBI, NGA, and NSA.

As a person who spent many decades as a member of the Bar engaged in civil litigation in many Courts of Law, the conduct of this person, and those in her group of courtiers, would definitely get me indicted and disbarred and I would be laughed out of the Courtroom if I tried to mount any kind of defense against, just to take one example, the deliberate destruction of evidence known to be under subpoena at the time the order to destroy was given.

A recent article went through a very helpful analysis of the dictionary definition of “corrupt” and reached the following conclusion, with which, it will not surprise the reader to learn, I fully agree:

Under’s definition of “corrupt” one finds the following:

  1. Guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked:
  2. Debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil:
  3. Infected; tainted.

When used as a verb with an object we find:

  1. To destroy the integrity of; cause to be dishonest, disloyal, etc., especially by bribery.
  2. To lower morally; pervert.

Don’t these definitions perfectly describe Hillary Clinton?

Returning to Mr. Carter’s fine analysis, as I could not possibly improve upon the elegance with which he sums up the evil which is Hillary Diane Rodham, these words perfectly sum up the reasons I plan to be there when the polls open tomorrow morning at 6 am to cast my vote for the candidate who has given voice to the many “Forgotten Men” and “Forgotten Women” across our Beloved Nation:

The failure of the progressive industrial complex and their enablers in both parties is, in a pivotal way, an intellectual failure because as Bill Buckley observed, “…all intellection is moral, because disembodied from moral precepts, thought is misleading, empty, vulgar.” For all the talk of Donald Trump’s vulgarity, his “moral precepts” do not revolve around bribery, subterfuge, lawlessness, the destruction of evidence, the compromising of national security, and a network of accomplices both in and out of government who actively undermine the democratic process.

Over 40 years ago, a President was forced to resign over a mere fraction of what the Clinton political machine has wrought. Under the circumstances, we must not entrust instrumentalities of the state to a presidential candidate whose moral compass consistently points the wrong way, whose administration would make the Nixon administration look like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

I pray for Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence and I pray for all the citizens of this, the Greatest Nation ever created by the mind of man but, most of all, I pray for our Beloved Nation, the United States of America!

God Bless America!

The Chicago Way

One of my favorite columnists, John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, has an excellent analysis out this morning entitled, appropriately enough, What Plagues Clinton in the final days: The Chicago Way, in which he sets out a nice, succinct statement of all the ways the Clintons’ thirty years of sleaze is catching up with them in the last stretch of the campaign.

Using the full force of his many years of experience of reporting political news in the place which gave that special treatment its name, he notes that one thing which is different this time, as is the case with anyone with half a brain who experiences Chicago politics on a day-to-day basis, is that everyone knows the system is rigged now that it is all out in the open for all to see:

“Something they’ve felt for years, whether Republicans or Democrats were in charge, something they were mocked from saying outright:

It’s rigged.

Now that this is commonly understood by the people, and has become a daily feature of the presidential campaign — with both sides leveling the charge — and the Department of Justice mired in politics, the republic is treading on dangerous ground.”

Emphasizing the fact that this time the voters have it all laid out right in front of their eyes, if they just take a moment to see it and understand the depth of its rottenness and decay and corruption, he says:

“It’s a ripe mess and voters know it. It’s right there in front of them. And this has outraged many liberal pundits, who perpetuate the myth that they speak truth to power even as they rally around the desperate establishment queen. The wits of our modern Versailles continue to ridicule voters who dare think the system is rigged, and call them foolish, deplorable hicks or mentally ill.

But media ridicule and the mocking of voters who have been left behind in this economy has its limits. All it does, really, is stoke cynicism in the final days, leaving Mrs. Clinton and her friends scrambling one step ahead of a closing Trump.”

After reviewing the cast of bottom-feeders which have performed in this Theater of Sleaze just in the past few weeks, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and the open and blatant rigging of the DNC against Bernie Sanders, he sums up the recent battle between the FBI and The “Justice” Department:

“And now comes the worst of all, what seems to be that proxy war, fought through the media, between FBI agents investigating Clinton on a series of fronts and the Department of Justice which has reportedly tried to shut those investigations down.

Yes, it’s corrosive. It is the Chicago Way writ large.

And pretending it is something else blinds Americans to dangers yet to come, no matter who is elected president in November.”

This is an outstanding summary of the tsunami of slime we have witnessed in this campaign– in such volume it is hard to fathom even for those of us who try to stay abreast of the new eruptions every day — and I highly recommend it for your careful consideration.

God Bless America!


By Jim George

Hillary Clinton has finally been called, by one of those rarest of creatures, a Congressman with a very sturdy backbone, what many of us have believed she is and has been for a very, very long time– a traitor to her country, clearly guilty of treason.

Here is the brief story on his remarks, which should be read and considered by every person who is privileged to call themselves Americans–truly the luckiest people on the planet– but especially those who are about to make the tragic mistake of voting for this traitor:

“Michael McCaul on Hillary Clinton server, hacks: ‘It’s treason’

“By David Sherfinski – The Washington Times – Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, on Thursday said Hillary Clinton’s exposing sensitive information to potentially multiple hacks from foreign actors amounts to treason.

““This is why you have security protocols — to protect classified information,” Mr. McCaul said on “Fox and Friends.” “She exposed it to our enemies, and now … our adversaries have this very sensitive information that not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas.”

““In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason,” said Mr. McCaul, Texas Republican.


“Citing sources familiar with the FBI’s investigations, Fox News reported Wednesday that there is about a “99 percent accuracy” that at least five foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked Mrs. Clinton’s private email server she set up to use as secretary of state.

Mr. McCaul said Mrs. Clinton “absolutely” would be exposed to potential blackmail from such countries if elected president.

““The concern I’ve had all along is she has had seven special access programs on these devices. Those are the most classified, sensitive secrets in the federal government — many of them covert operations,” he said”

I well and truly pray that enough Americans see this Congressman’s remarks, consider them carefully and prayerfully, and ask themselves the simple question: Do I really want to vote for someone who has sold herself–and America’s foreign policy– to the highest bidder?

I knew the answer to that question a long time ago. I pray that enough citizens will answer it soundly and intelligently, with the interests of our Beloved Nation before all other considerations.

God Bless America.