A Window Into A Depraved Culture

Heather Mac Donald has just published ,under the above title, an excellent analysis, in which statement I am repeating myself as all of her works are excellent, especially her recent book, The War on Cops, about the horrific societal changes which produced the four individuals who tortured a disabled white man for hours last week in Chicago. As usual with her writings, she makes several points about what brought us to this point and marshals solid research to back up her arguments.

After detailing the extremely graphic insults hurled at their victim, she notes (Heaven Forfend!) that all four animals who committed this deed which would have been –we hope! — unthinkable in days not very long gone, were black and were driven by influences such as racial victimology, inner-city gang culture, and black anti-white animus. It has been noted by other observers that members of the mainstream media struggled mightily against even vaguely admitting what was so obvious–made glaringly more obvious by the fact that the savages furnished the world with a streaming video of the acts they were so proud of, including binding and gagging the victim,  making him drink toilet water, cutting a portion of his scalp from his head as he whimpered — and they were laughing all the time! Bear in mind that this cruelty took place over a period of several days, not just hours.

The author notes some recent publications such as those written by Ta-Nehesi Coates, Between the World and Me and Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow which together argue that America aspires to the “shackling” and “destruction” of “black bodies” and that our country seeks to reimpose de facto segregation on blacks through the criminal justice system. Our race baiting President has insisted in the waning days (Hallelujah!) of his utter failure of a Presidency  that blacks are the victims of a racist criminal-justice system.

Reading her article will give you new insights into how absolutely unmoored from the America I know some of these groups are, such as the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter embracing as its motto “Stop killing us” and broadcasting total fabrications which are easily refuted by a quick reference to readily available statistics. As a citizen of the beleaguered city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I have more than a little familiarity with how quickly these myths can take wing and the destruction of lives and property such irresponsible screaming and bellowing can cause.

As she usually does in her superb analyses, Ms. Mac Donald sets out many most persuasive statistics to buttress her arguments, such as the fact that:

“Blacks, in other words, committed 85% of the interracial crimes between blacks and whites, even though they are 13 percent of the population. This data accords with the last published report on interracial crime from the Bureau of Justice Statistics; the Bureau stopped publishing its table on interracial crime after 2008, the first year of the Obama presidency.”

In passing, one must ask why it was so necessary to stop publishing figures on interracial crime upon the commencement in office by the first Black President; inconvenient facts, perhaps?

In another fine examination of this act of wanton savagery by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, In Facebook Torture, Victim’s Eyes Terrify Most , the author examines the issue from another angle, by trying to see what our unacumstomed eyes simply do not want to see, through the eyes of our law enforcement defenders who see and live through the unthinkable precincts of hell over and over again:

“And when Chicago’s top cop talked of it, he said something worth considering again.

“It makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. “It still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn’t. I’m not going to say it shocked me, but it was sickening.”

Johnson’s been a cop in Chicago for decades, so he’s seen worse. We haven’t, but he and other police have.

With City Hall pushing body cameras for all police, I figure the rest of us should soon be able to see what cops see, at the crime scene, with all the brutality that we try to shield ourselves from.

Because cops work in that world where people do such things to each other. Where criminals laugh and inflict pain, on babies, old people, anyone. Most of the rest of us haven’t been to that place and we’d be psychologically damaged if we did.”

That last statement is worth pondering again– it is just not possible for me, even after more than 82 years on this Old Earth, to visualize the reality of criminals of this degree of –yes, depravity– laughing while inflicting pain on defenseless babies, women, children, anyone, including someone who expressed an opinion favorable to a political candidate they were told they have to hate!

No one could possibly improve on Kass’ conclusion as to this entire sordid episode:

“And binding and gagging a disabled man, poking at him with a knife as he cowers in a corner, carving a chunk out of his scalp as he whimpers while the kidnappers laugh, all that brutality is certainly hateful enough.

We’re sickened and shocked because we watched it all on video.

But I wonder how we’d feel if we had access to those police body cam recordings, to see what cops see when they walk up and look into a victim’s eyes.

Like Eddie Johnson we’d be sickened. And like him, eventually, we wouldn’t be shocked.”

I pray for our new President and his Administration in many ways and that they will be guided to many sound decisions as they start the arduous process of repairing the extensive damage wrought by that last eight years of sheer and utter incompetence, race-baiting and corruption, but I do harbor very genuine concerns that the racial divide left by this Worst President In American History will be with us in one form or another for a very, very long time.






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