Special Prosecutors as far as the eye can see!

Greg, my bro-in-law, has suggested that the Republicans should agree to the appointment of a Special Prosecutor in the case of the non-crime, at least as far as we know as of this date, of Trump colluding with Russia, in exchange for their agreement to appoint Special Prosecutors for the thousands of federal crimes committed by Madame Secretary for which Comey gave her a pass; the federal crimes which may have been committed by Susan Rice and Sally Yates which resulted in destroying the reputation of a man who served his country with great honor, General Mike Flynn; the crimes which the former Defense Dept. official under Obama, Evelyn N. Farkas, told everyone about on national TV recently; the innumerable crimes committed by the said Obama himself; the crimes committed by Brennan, Clapper, Rhodes, and their cadre of bottom feeders at the NSA, etc.;the crime committed by B.J. Clinton and “Blandly Sinister” (thanks to Andrew Klavan!) Former (Hallelujah!) Attorney General Lynch –actual Obstruction of Justice as opposed to all this make believe foolishness we’ve been hearing about lately- when they met on the tarmac at Phoenix and she talked with him about “their” grandchildren (she has none) at a time he was a very likely target of a criminal investigation by a department under the supervision of—you guessed it!—none other than “Blandly Sinister” herself, and the list goes on and on and on. Fair is fair, right? That way, we would be guaranteed that what a friend recently said really will come true—these things will assume a life of their own and will never, never, never end, and, almost certainly, NOone will ever go to jail. Another day, another complete fabrication brought to you by those shameless frauds who make up what used to be an honorable profession, as today’s headline—in the Wall Street Journal, not long ago, the sole remaining paragon of journalistic integrity—clearly illustrates :“Trump Asked Comey to Drop Probe”. This headline is based on a portion of a memorandum no reporter has actually seen or physically examined, but is reported to actually exist by [ ] (left blank because that’s exactly how much we know about the person or persons who may or may not have seen whatever in the hell “it” is! However, despite the fact that no one even knows whether “it” actually exists, Sen. Diane Feinstein has deemed herself “shocked, shocked” (sound familiar?) at “its” “existence” and Sen. Susan Collins is reportedly “floored” by the news of this thus-far totally unproven “document”. Congressman Adam “Shifty” Schiff has declared that this “allegation” is further proof “that the president may have engaged in some interference or obstruction of the investigation.” Astonishingly, some of these mania-afflicted people are reported to have actual law degrees, but will still say, with a straight face (probably an oxymoron, but that’s for another day) that an allegation is “proof” of anything! God Bless America! Please!

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