Gestapo in America follow-up: Letter to Members of Congress

I have sent the following message to my Congressman and Senators about the Gestapo tactics of the Black Shirts and jackboots working for Mueller; I am sending this out to as many as I can think of with the request that, if this seems like something you would want your representative in the National Legislature to be interested in and to try to get them to actually do something about it (doing something by a Member of Congress! What a concept! Downright revolutionary!) feel free to use all or part of it, as you wish. A note of caution, however, is that in order to send it to Senators, you may have to remove all the hyperlinks due to their “privacy policy”. I am absolutely committed to spending as much time as needed to get someone’s attention on these Banana Republic goon squad intimidation tactics and plan to follow up with telephone calls and/or personal visits to their local offices if there is no response. I note I have a high confidence I will hear from our Congressman, Garrett Graves, as that has been my experience with him in the past; he is a very effective Representative. Not so with Cassidy. Don’t know about Kennedy as I have had no experience with him. The struggle continues as we are surrounded by goons in shoulder pads and loons with sticks and steel pipes and Black Shirts holding guns on wives in their negligees to be sure they don’t pull an AK-47 on them (!) (thanks to Mark Steyn’s commentary at and every conceivable manner of Hate-America-First conduct imaginable. What happened to OUR America?


Gestapo in America?

In the pre-dawn hours of July 26, 2017 –two months ago as of tomorrow– investigators employed by Special Counsel Mueller picked the lock of the front door of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Manafort in a residential area of Northern Virginia, surprised them in their bedroom, one assumes while they were both still in their bedclothes, held guns on them and started a raid of their home and personal belongings which is reported to have lasted some 10 hours. As has been pointed out in some of the many articles on this outrage, in order to conduct a raid as extreme as this, it must have been necessary to convince a Federal Judge that there was “probable cause that a serious crime has been committed and that less intrusive and dramatic investigative means would be ineffective”, according to a former U.S. Attorney, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, quoted in the Washington Post. and, according to the same source, such raids are generally reserved for “the most serious criminal investigations dealing with uncooperative or untrusted potential targets.” Considering that we are now two months from the Gestapo-like raid on the home of such a dangerous “criminal”, according to Andrew C. McCarthy, a former Federal prosecutor with vast experience in the Federal Criminal Law field:

“Besides scaring the bejesus out of him with the search warrant, prosecutors reportedly also told Manafort that they intend to indict him. Must mean they have a case, right? So, if Manafort is such a threat to obstruct justice that they needed to break into his home and grab the evidence before he could destroy it, then why hasn’t he been arrested yet? I mean, how could Mueller responsibly allow so dangerous a criminal to walk the streets?”

Two months since this Police State exercise of raw, unbridled, unbound and unprincipled jackbooted power against a United States Citizen, and the totally out of control Mr. Mueller has yet (as of a few seconds ago on September 25, 2017, when I last checked the news sites) to announce publicly what “crimes” this dangerous “criminal” is even suspected of.

As the commentator Mark Steyn has indicated in an extensive video commentary at this incident, alone, is an outrage against all of America, but what is even more of an outrage is the fact that so little is heard of this Banana Republic exercise of police power in pursuit of what is really a coup-d’état against the current Administration.

Here are the titles (and links) of a few articles on this horrible reminder of what was going on in Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s, which I most respectfully urge you to read so you can get the full flavor of how fully this raid was violative of everything we cherish in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence:

“Gestapo in America? ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’ “,

“Mueller Scorches The Earth”,

“Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort”,

“Paul Manafort is in Legal Jeopardy”,

I note I am sending this message to all of my representatives in Congress, with the following requests: that they stand on the floor of Congress and loudly rebuke this kind of Gestapo treatment of a United States Citizen which so brutally violates all rights and freedoms and liberties guaranteed to citizens by our Founding Documents; that, if they decline to do so, they inform me, and the rest of their constituents who are disgusted by this conduct, of their reasons for not doing so; that they acknowledge receipt of this message.

I await your advices, and remain


James A. George

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