Fairness?For Whom?Only ONE Woman?

The entire political structure of America, or at least what purports to occupy that role, has turned itself into a pretzel, trying to display every imaginable form of accommodation, civility, good manners, courtesies to the Nth Degree, so that one woman will be, in the words of Sen. Chuck Grassley, “comfortable” in giving her testimony. We continue to hear speeches about the  “fairness” which should be extended this one person, who, to be way more blunt than most analysts have been, is spinning a tale right out of Alice in Wonderland, shot full of holes and inconsistencies, with no corroborating witnesses whatsoever, and whose status has been elevated to that of some kind of second “Anita Hill”-type heroine, as she and her apparently exorbitantly well paid cadre of lawyers, PR agents, IT experts who must have been retained to scrub every jot and tittle of anything even remotely embarrassing on her social media. As there have been barrels of ink spilled — or is the modern appellation “barrels of bytes”?– over this most tawdry, slimy, sleazy, despicable, dirty, filthy, rotten smear in living memory, many, on the right, at least, by minds which operate at a level so far above mine I stand in awe of their intellectualism and make no pretense of even trying to occupy their place in the stratosphere of true intellect.

I will, however, in much more simple words than those which have carried such lofty ideas about this entire sorry –nay, tragic– episode in the history of our Republic, and it is something which has been eating at me for many days now, and it is this: do we not owe a duty of fairness to many other women whose lives will be horribly impacted by this nightmare? I speak, first of all, obviously, about the women in Judge Kavanaugh’s personal life– his wife, daughters and Mother. How about the girls he coaches on his daughter’s basketball team? Do they count in the  “Great Fairness Game” we are all instructed we now have to play on behalf of ONE woman? What about the 65 women, friends, former law clerks, colleagues, etc., along the way? How is we do not owe these women at least some small sliver of the fairness we are told we owe to this ONE woman? Do they, and their sensitivities, count for nothing when weighed in the balance of the apparently cosmic importance of the “fairness” we should accord this one person who we are supposed to view as some sort of New American Heroine?

Where does this madness — and make no mistake, this is sheer, unadorned madness at work here — end, when we turn all our worlds upside down for this ONE person, whose account, as so aptly described by one of the most eminent observers of this imbroglio, Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, would not be given the time of day by any law enforcement agency, municipal, local, State or Federal, in the country?

And, if it is not too terribly hurtful to note this one really amazing fact, who, despite all the entreaties for her “comfort” and “sensitivity” to all the “hurt” which would be inflicted upon her in this “re-victimization process” , is not, through her phenomenally well paid lawyers, demanding that her appearance should take place on a day other than that set by the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate.

Is chutzpah another word for fairness?

Dr. Franklin is looking down, thinking — “I told them so. I warned them– if you can keep it.”

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