Search and Destroy

I watched almost every single minute of this pathetic exercise in how far so-called well educated and accomplished people can go when they are devoid of any shame of boundaries whatsoever and will do anything, including destroy one of the finest men to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court, and his beautiful family, his devoted wife and their little daughters, one of whom prayed for “the lady” at her nightly prayers, and all his family, his stricken Mother and Father, and his friends, and I did this because I wanted, once and for all, to know for myself, and not from the now-totally-out-of-control media but from what I saw for myself what really happened.

What happened today was, as one of the Republican Senators said, worse than the Bork hearings and worse than the Thomas hearings, as hard as that is to believe. If you had watched every minute of it, you would well know what I mean. The Judge was right on the target when he said “Advise and Consent” had now become “Search and Destroy”, as that is exactly what it has become, in addition to becoming an audition for candidates for the Democrat nomination for President for 2020.

What happened today, also, at least for this one viewer, is that I will never, although I was very close to this before today, never, never, never ever again believe the summary presented to us by the media, and in this I very sadly and reluctantly include the only news outlet I still have any faith in, Fox News, to tell me what really happened in a given event and I will always insist on having to see it, from stem to stern, with my own eyes. The very idea that Fox News would have someone like a Valley Girl airhead like Marie Harf commenting on a man of the unbelievable substance of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and telling viewers what he said and how he said it, is as insulting as I can imagine anything being in this admittedly upside down world we are now living in.

I made myself watch all of this so I could know whether my previous feeling that the Democrats on this committee were among the most corrupt people who have ever served in the United States Senate was well founded, and I came away with a deep and abiding certainty that they were not only that, but that they were some of the most mindlessly ruthless and heartless group of people (?) who have ever been gathered in the already checkered and spotty history of that “Most Exclusive Club In The World.” If this is what an exclusive club looks like, I’ll just say like Uncle Earl Long said years ago when someone asked whether he didn’t resent it that he had never been admitted to the ultra-elite Boston Club in New Orleans even though he had been elected Governor– “the only way they would let me in would be if I had a mask and a gun.” That’s the kind of image I got with United States Senators (who are the people who actually vote for some of these people?) who actually spent the time we pay them to do serious matters asking about whether a 17 year old boy really meant to write about flatulence and whether or not the “f” symbol really meant the “f-word”.

Actually, in a way, as a person who has dealt with far more lying witnesses than I care to actually count in come of our cases, I must admit to a feeling of some kind of awe that the Most Honourable Ranking Member, as we are supposed to refer to her in “polite company”, as if there is any such thing any more, could actually make her little speech about how innocent she is in front of an entire world which now knows, beyond peradventure, that she concealed “Dr” Ford’s letter for about seven weeks, a time in which all of this could have been investigated thoroughly and in a way which would have completely honored her request for confidentiality.

The oiliness of Durbin, the strangely sinister mien of the “Ranking Member” who caused this entire nightmare, the moron which is the Senator from Hawaii, who, amazingly, today I learned is a graduate of one of the most distinguished Law Schools in the country, Georgetown, the rank idiocy of “T-Bone Spartacus”, the smallness, in so many ways of the pathetic little Chris Coons, the downright frightening demeanor of the probable next Democrat nominee for President, Kamala Harris, the reptilian approach of perhaps the most wretched of all, as he lied about his Military service, Blumenthal, and the fact that, as one of the prominent Republicans noted, they have already reserved a url for the NEXT nominee, causes me to –truly- weep for the future of our country. I simply do not know how we survive repeated flows of sewage like this through the Public Square without despoiling it beyond repair.

God Bless Judge and Mrs. Kavanaugh and their beautiful family and the really great heroes of this day like Lindsey Graham and Sen. Talis and Cruz and Lee and Kennedy and Hatch and Cornyn and Grassley and God Help America if this is what our future holds.

Sincerely, Jim

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