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The President’s Press Conference this morning

By Jim George
| November 7, 2018

This will be a very personal post as it will reflect my very personal impressions after watching every single minute of the President’s press conference after the Mid Term Elections and I was so struck by several impressions, feelings, revulsion, off-putting feelings that I thought I would share them with you, this incredibly well-informed group which I have been so honored to be a part of (no, I’m not running for Mayor of Ricochet-ville, but if I were I know there would be some votes I could definitely not count on, and a handful that maybe I could count on.) and ask if you were moved as I was and, if not, why not?

But, first of all, I would, with the utmost of respect, ask that you watch every single minute of the press conference, as there is really no way to deal with these questions if you have not seen it all. I, like so many of us in this short attention span society of ours, am so accustomed to reading a short blurb somewhere about some subject which interests us, and forming immediate impressions based on those fleeting, momentary, “bites” ( bytes?) of information. I have long been troubled by this shortcoming of mine and have tried to dig more deeply, into “the weeds”, as the phrase is used these days, to understand more fully, whatever issue I am considering at the time.

Have you ever watched one of the President’s Press Conferences? I don’t mean the “chyrons” running across the bottom of your screen telling you what some first year intern has written and is to be taken as an actual substantive summary of what was actually said? I do not ask that question in anything approaching a pejorative manner, as I personally must answer my own question in the affirmative.

But, tonight, I decided, once and for all, I had the duty, before I formed any impressions, opinions, attitudes, conclusions, about all the things I had heard about some of the incivilities I had heard went on at this press conference, to watch every single minute, beginning to end, of this, quite frankly, amazing performance by the President and the disgraceful demonstration of disrespect and lack of civility by members of the media for myself.

I strongly recommend, for those of us who really want to be informed, that you spend the one and a half hours necessary, and then consider the following questions:

With all the media talk (narrative) about the President’s “rudeness” and ill mannered behavior, tell me who was more rude or uncivil, this President or the members of the “esteemed” (by themselves) Capitol Press Corps?

Can you imagine a person, with the weight of the Presidency of the United States of America, being any more patient, nice, forbearing, polite, etc. than this President was, under those circumstances?

Do you understand better, after watching this display of rudeness, childish behavior, disrespect, lack of civility, how this president may be entirely within all our understanding when he calls these people (formerly known as “the Profession of Journalism”) the enemy of the people?

Can you imagine yourself, or anyone you know, who would have been more patient, considerate, nice, courteous, etc. under those circumstances?

What we have is an amazing political genius as President, who has pulled off an astonishing success for the mid terms.

Watch this press conference, and then tell me whether you agree. If not, I’d love to hear your reasons, as I, like the President Trump you will actually hear on this video ( would rather be bipartisan than fighting all the time about everything.

Adam Schiff, call your office; there’s a new dawning coming, and it’s not interested in one hundred new senseless investigations of something which never happened.

Your views?

Sincerely, Jim