President Trump has a primary challenger. Wm. Weld. Seriously?

The Curious Candidacy of William Weld is the title of a piece in this morning’s Spectator USA in which the author asks what to me, at least, is most worthy of consideration at this time when the Democrats are filling up their Clown Cars with, well, clowns running for their nomination: “The former Massachusetts governor is entirely a figure of the past. Why is he running?”

I preface the following observations with the painfully obvious reality that if there is one thing we all should have learned in the last decade or two, it is that anything, absolutely anything, could happen and has happened in the recent past. And, I am reliably given to understand that there are actually citizens out there who have, as is their right, sent real, actual American dollars to Mr. Weld’s campaign and quite possibly those of other potential challengers to the President.

That said, I highly recommend to your reading and consideration the delightfully tongue-in-cheek article cited above, which examines Mr. Weld’s, shall we say, interesting history of changing parties and beliefs (I think the most commonly used euphemism is “evolving beliefs” ) as indicated by the temper of the times.

I also recommend a piece in the Washington Examiner, a more straightforward discussion of his history. It can be found here.

In my more and more humble opinion, I am at one with the conclusion of the Spectator article:

“This is the bottom-line problem for NeverTrump — whether Trump serves another four years after next November or not, the GOP base is not looking to return to nominees like John McCain and Mitt Romney or either of the two Bushes. The Republican party is the Flight 93 party, as far as its voters are concerned, and the NeverTrump crew are not the men to rush the cockpit.”

In honor of those incredibly brave Americans aboard that doomed flight straight into that Pennsylvania field, I close with their charge: Let’s roll!

Sincerely, Jim

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