Grotesqueries about Rush’s passing: When did we become animals?

The Daily Wire has a piece this morning entitled ‘I’m Glad Rush Limbaugh Lived Long Enough To Get Cancer And Die.’ Blue-Check Leftists Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Death”, a long, detailed, extremely sickening display of comments so vile, so devoid of humanity and compassion, they are truly enough to make one sick at the stomach. Following will be just a very few of the most outrageous of these after which I will pose a few questions about what these comments tell us about where we are as a Nation built on the premise that while we were all free to express our opinions, it was assumed we would do so in good faith and from a basis of good will and being fully informed. 

The author opens this horrid collection of abominations by noting “Following an unfortunately familiar pattern in the aftermath of the death of a conservative figure, Leftists rushed to mock Rush Limbaugh and celebrate news of his death after a year-long battle with lung cancer.”

The first example he cites is a person in the leadership of an organization curiously named Catholics for Choice (how is that even possible, even in our almost totally upside-down world?) who had these lovely remarks to offer:

Charlotte Clymer, whose Twitter bio states that she works for the pro-abortion Catholics for Choice, took to the social media platform and described Limbaugh as a “coward and white supremacist.”

“He aggressively and cynically exploited divisions in our country by weaponizing hatred and bigotry for his own personal gain. He was in service to his own greed, prejudice, and hypocrisy, and that is how history will remember him,” she wrote.

“If Rush Limbaugh deserves credit for anything, it his pioneering work in spreading disinformation and directly enabling our nation’s current state of vast distrust of experts and spurning of good faith in the public discourse. He will not be missed by rational adults.”

Some person named Cenk Uygur, who is apparently famous for something and hosts his own show which I never heard of, admittedly no high bar as there are more and more things in this increasingly strange and foreign world I have elected to avoid in the name of what little mental health I have left, has these reassuring words for the rest of his confreres in The Animal Farm:

Host of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, stated that “The idea that you say artificially nice things about people after they die is weird,” and that he “never understood the logic of it.”

“Rush Limbaugh was a terrible person while he was alive. He made a living by attacking the powerless. His death does not in anyway change or redeem that,” Uygur added.

An Editor of Media Matters, that source of reasoned, enlightened discourse and exchange of views which can always be counted on to try to destroy as many lives and reputations as possible, had this rare note of warmth in this collection of vipers’ venom, but not for Humanity:

Parker Malloy, an editor at large for Media Matters, wrote “I was 4 days into a weeklong break from Twitter, but Limbaugh dying felt like a necessary moment to reemerge.”

“My sincerest condolences go out to hell’s other residents who now have to deal with being associated with him,” she continued.

The hypocrisy of one of the comments almost, but not entirely, overcame the meanness of the comments from David Axelrod, former campaign manager and general right-hand flunky (can I still say that without expecting a visit from the Thought Police?) of the absolutely, clearly, without question most polarizing and divisive President in American History, Barack Hussein Obama:

Whether you loved him or hated him-and there are very few people in between-Rush Limbaugh was indisputably a force of historic proportions.
Over the past three decades, he did as much to polarize our politics as anyone and laid the groundwork for Trump and Trumpism.

In a dreadfully poisonous tweet, this denizen of the deep called Rush– you guessed it!– poisonous!

In this now deleted tweet, Jared Yates Sexton wrote that “Rush Limbaugh was one of the most harmful and poisonous people in the modern United States of America,” and that “His pursuit of wealth and power hurt untold numbers of people and wrought incalculable damage to politics as a public good, society as a whole, and the planet itself.”

“[P]olitics as a public good?” At the risk of publicly admitting that I have finally, as a result of the last few months, crossed over from disappointment and disgust with politics into pure, unadulterated cynicism, it is difficult to imagine thinking of “politics” in its current iteration as anything even approaching “a public good.” 

And then there is this model of civility by someone identified as an actor who wrote one of those messages on Twitter which only a member of the Marxist wing of the Democrat party could pass by the Twitter Brownshirts without being banned for life (obviously sanitized in view of the C of C):

Rush Limbaugh was a foul f_ _ _ rat who spread nothing but hate & terror throughout his career. His radio show poisoned hundreds of millions of people’s minds. He’s a racist, a misogynist, & homophobe. His death brings me joy.

It is apparent that Hell and its Master Satan are very prominent in the thinking –probably giving them way too much credit for actually doing any of that — of these vicious, angry, snarling people:

Feeling very sorry for the people of Hell who now have to deal with Rush Limbaugh for the rest of eternity


Satan finding out Rush Limbaugh is on his way.

There is, sadly, much more, in this particular article and all over those supposedly closely monitored social media sites-you know, for good taste, civility, accuracy, hate speech (what a joke, in light of some of the hate just in this piece alone!) — and it does prompt questions many of us find ourselves asking over and over again in this time hatred of President Trump, hatred of Senators who dared object to the tally of votes from one of, if not the, most corrupt elections in our history, allegations by the looniest of the loons, AOC, of attempted murder hurled at a highly respected member of the Senate, Ted Cruz, hatred of every single person who voted for President Trump and now hatred of the very soul of a departed hero of America whose main crime was to not only speak his mind in favor of conservatism but to do it clearly, intelligently, persistently to a huge following for over 30 years. 

From my vantage point as a retired trial lawyer (or, as my law partner and wife refer to that status, a Lawyer in Recovery) living a life of relative tranquility in the Florida Panhandle, I am able to honestly state that we simply do not know any people so filled with hate that they would be capable of statements like some of those we are seeing about Rush. I did, most definitely, know a few “haters” in active practice, both in and out of Black Robes, and they did, in fact, poison every thing, person, institution, around them with their bile and meanness. 

Do you know anyone who is capable of this kind of hatred? I hope not. But, if you do, I would be most interested in hearing about them and, if you know, how they came to hate so deeply, so bitterly, so devoid of human goodness or kindness. 

It is worth thinking about and discussing, as these are real, live persons (?) and, whether we like to admit it or not, their side of the aisle controls all three branches of our government today. 

As I was completing this discussion, I happened to see Victor Davis Hanson’s article this morning, entitled, aptly for purposes of this subject matter, “Our descent into collective madness.” Its opening line is: “These are crazy times.”


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