Glory Hallelujah for Texas!

In true Bidenesque fashion, I “borrowed” the title from a great piece appearing in, briefly summarizing the wonderful decision by the Governor of Texas to lift all restrictions on citizens, as our governor, Ron DeSantis did some time ago, including the truly inane “mask mandate” which stopped making any sense whatsoever a long time ago, according to, as all the leftists like to put it, “the science!”

Here is a brief portion of the article:

Specifically, Abbott ordered an end to restrictions, after Wednesday March 10, on the right of businesses to define the conditions of interaction with customers. Any business now can decide how it wants to operate. Less substantively but more important in the symbolic sense, he said he was lifting the state-imposed requirement to wear a face-mask in public. Businesses can still require masks, but who wants to be the only shop in town policing facial appearance? Abbott cited the falling rate of coronavirus spread and lauded the widespread availability of vaccines. ‘People and business,’ the governor said, ‘don’t need the state telling them how to operate.’

Of course, the usual suspects howled and shrieked, exclaiming, for example, that his decision was “reckless”, this coming from that icon of virtue, the totally failed governor of the totally failed State of California:

Oh, yes, they do!, plenteous Democratic party figures and health officials shouted. Ex-presidential candidate Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke charmingly notified the world that Abbott was issuing ‘a death warrant for Texans’. The county judge of Dallas, a Democrat, tweeted: ‘You should focus on what doctors, facts and science say is safe; not on what Gov. says is legal.’ California governor Gavin Newsom, who’s now infamous for acting as if the rules he imposes don’t apply to him, called Abbott ‘absolutely reckless’.

Whether Dr. Fauci and his legions of petty autocrats like it or not, their authoritarian regime is coming to an end, with states like our new home state of Florida and Texas and South Dakota leading the way.

No better way to sum how happy that makes me than the words by the author of the quoted piece:

Glory Hallelujah!

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