BREAKING: Biden Caves to Taliban


According to Town Hall:

The Pentagon had little to say Tuesday about the news that the Biden administration had failed in its humiliating attempt to grovel before the Taliban in order to extend the August 31st deadline for withdrawal and instead doubled down on its plans to be out of the country by the deadline that is just one week away. That plan, now, has also been approved by President Biden.

There are no words I can use in (whatever is left of) “polite company” to fully express my feeling of pure revulsion and sickened disgust at the craven cowards we have “leading” us right now in Washington followed closely by how I feel for those who voted this drooling imbecile into office. 

However, one short story might help illustrate how I feel– last night, we watched the fantastic movie “We Were Soldiers” and when the Colonel made his speech and told his troops that the one thing they could count on was that he would never -never- leave a single man on the field_—_”No man left behind!”  I cried. That is how broken hearted I am right now. 

God Help Us. 

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