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This is my hill: Saving the War Dogs of Afghanistan abandoned by Biden.

Who does that? Who leaves animals behind to starve to death in locked cages at Bagram Air Field? To what depth of inhuman, subhuman, amoral depravity and cruelty have we finally descended to have done this to helpless (locked! in cages!) animals who were also very special American allies—they were the War Dogs of Afghanistan!

Afghanistan Military Dogs Left Behind As NonProfit ...

I am writing this as a cry from the heart— like so many of us, I have had dogs as pets (Mark, my Boxer; Fritz, my Doberman and others) and I have been sickened to the very core of my being that those entrusted with the faithful execution of our Laws and defense of our Constitution have abandoned everything there — including their fellow Americans, American friends and allies and those who helped us unconditionally with total dedication, day in and day out— our War Dogs.

Conan, the Belgian Malinois who took part in the Syria raid that killed ISIS leader Baghdadi.

My cry for help is this: I am pleading for any information of all resources which may be known by friends and colleagues to identify sites, locations, mailing addresses, P.O. Boxes, or any other modes of contact, to which we may send material support to anyone who can get to these poor animals, who gave their heart and soul to the defense of America, only to be cast aside like so much unused military equipment. Sadly, there is a disgraceful precedent for this kind of cruelty as it occurred once before in the 1975 collapse in Vietnam, when approximately 4,000 dogs were abandoned.

There is the old idea about choosing the “hill” which one is “ready to die on.” Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller gave us a most powerful lesson on how that is done in throwing his Silver Cluster on the table with a demand for accountability.

With due acknowledgement of the realities of the limitations of age and the constraints that cursed condition imposes, this is my hill, and I am ready to send whatever meager funds I can send in support of this noble (truly!) cause. I am also ready to get on the next flight out of Pensacola to catch whatever War Dog Express is headed for that Stone Age hell hole to recover our real American allies.

Please, if you know of resources dedicated to this purpose, publish it so the world will know about it.

Whoever did this cannot be a true American.

Americans should never do this to animals.

We are Americans!

We should never leave our comrades on the field.


United States War Dogs Memorial | The American Legion