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Sen. Whitehouse: “Indictment and Charges of the President” Coming

The Senator of Rhode Island, more recently seen beclowning himself by asking oh-so-serious and deeply grave questions of now-Justice Kavanaugh about some of the fart jokes teen-aged boys were sharing, has told Chris Cuomo (of course) that “if there are crimes that he [President Trump] has committed, he should be indicted.” Here is a partial transcript of his remarks, followed by a little thought experiment using the Senator’s own language to illustrate the blatant, in-your-face hypocrisy of what has become the far left Democrat Party:

“A partial transcript is as follows:
“SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE: I think that if there are crimes that he [President Trump] has committed, he should be indicted. I do not at all subscribe to the OLC theory that a president can’t be indicted. I think that the Office of Legal Counsel and Department of Justice bends over backward to take the most executive branch-friendly position that it possibly can. I think a court taking a look at this would say “no, no, no, no, no,” and if you look at the Nixon precedents and others, they don’t align with a president not being answerable to the public in this way. And it would create a terrible situation. You have a president, who the public knows is the subject of a criminal investigation, may very well be involved in criminal activity, and you don’t get a resolution of that question? You don’t get pressure on him to answer questions and get out? That doesn’t seem like an appropriate way to deal with it.

“CHRISTOPHER CUOMO: Based on what you know right now, do you think you could bring a case against the president?

“SEN. WHITEHOUSE: I would want to know a lot more. I’m at the stage, based on what I know, that I would be sitting down with the agents and say “okay, we need to run down this, we need to run down that, we need to pin down some things before we go.” We are certainly in a mode, I believe, of moving toward an indictment and charges of the president, but I do not believe, based on what I know — Mueller may know more — that we’re at the stage of actually being able to make the charge.”

Fully acknowledging that I am engaging in full-blown “what about ism”, it is most interesting to adapt the good Seantor’s own language to the matter of another well-known public official about whom there is little or no question about being involved in criminal activity, with the hope, however illusory, that some day, somehow, we might see this kind of fairness in all of our “representatives” to the National Legislature:

”I think that if there are crimes that she (Former First “Lady” (?), former US Senator, Former Secretary of State, former Presidential candidate) has committed, she should be indicted. …. And it would create a terrible situation. You have a (see above list for all the things she has been, in addition to presently being a “has been”) , who the public knows is the subject of a criminal investigation, may well be involved in criminal activity (about 30,000 counts of Federal felony counts, at last count, at that’s only the e-mail criminality) and you don’t get a resolution of that (those) questions? You don’t get pressure on her to answer questions and get out? That doesn’t seem like an appropriate way to deal with it.”

Just as I got to that point, I woke up, put on the coffee, and returned to the real world where members of that August Club known as the United States Senate, spend their time, on our dime, asking questions of candidates for the highest Court in the land questions about teen aged boys’ bad behavior as if they had any actual substance.

Sincerely, Jim

The President’s Press Conference this morning

By Jim George
| November 7, 2018

This will be a very personal post as it will reflect my very personal impressions after watching every single minute of the President’s press conference after the Mid Term Elections and I was so struck by several impressions, feelings, revulsion, off-putting feelings that I thought I would share them with you, this incredibly well-informed group which I have been so honored to be a part of (no, I’m not running for Mayor of Ricochet-ville, but if I were I know there would be some votes I could definitely not count on, and a handful that maybe I could count on.) and ask if you were moved as I was and, if not, why not?

But, first of all, I would, with the utmost of respect, ask that you watch every single minute of the press conference, as there is really no way to deal with these questions if you have not seen it all. I, like so many of us in this short attention span society of ours, am so accustomed to reading a short blurb somewhere about some subject which interests us, and forming immediate impressions based on those fleeting, momentary, “bites” ( bytes?) of information. I have long been troubled by this shortcoming of mine and have tried to dig more deeply, into “the weeds”, as the phrase is used these days, to understand more fully, whatever issue I am considering at the time.

Have you ever watched one of the President’s Press Conferences? I don’t mean the “chyrons” running across the bottom of your screen telling you what some first year intern has written and is to be taken as an actual substantive summary of what was actually said? I do not ask that question in anything approaching a pejorative manner, as I personally must answer my own question in the affirmative.

But, tonight, I decided, once and for all, I had the duty, before I formed any impressions, opinions, attitudes, conclusions, about all the things I had heard about some of the incivilities I had heard went on at this press conference, to watch every single minute, beginning to end, of this, quite frankly, amazing performance by the President and the disgraceful demonstration of disrespect and lack of civility by members of the media for myself.

I strongly recommend, for those of us who really want to be informed, that you spend the one and a half hours necessary, and then consider the following questions:

With all the media talk (narrative) about the President’s “rudeness” and ill mannered behavior, tell me who was more rude or uncivil, this President or the members of the “esteemed” (by themselves) Capitol Press Corps?

Can you imagine a person, with the weight of the Presidency of the United States of America, being any more patient, nice, forbearing, polite, etc. than this President was, under those circumstances?

Do you understand better, after watching this display of rudeness, childish behavior, disrespect, lack of civility, how this president may be entirely within all our understanding when he calls these people (formerly known as “the Profession of Journalism”) the enemy of the people?

Can you imagine yourself, or anyone you know, who would have been more patient, considerate, nice, courteous, etc. under those circumstances?

What we have is an amazing political genius as President, who has pulled off an astonishing success for the mid terms.

Watch this press conference, and then tell me whether you agree. If not, I’d love to hear your reasons, as I, like the President Trump you will actually hear on this video ( would rather be bipartisan than fighting all the time about everything.

Adam Schiff, call your office; there’s a new dawning coming, and it’s not interested in one hundred new senseless investigations of something which never happened.

Your views?

Sincerely, Jim

I Spent the Day in America Today

I spent the day in America today.

The real America, a place where Americans live — where it is well nigh impossible to find a single person who hates America, who hates the Founding Fathers and who still call them Fathers, as they all in fact were, a place where there are American flags and references of one kind or another to guns and religion.

A place, in other words, which is definitely nowhere near the so-called “Clinton Archipelago” and is certainly not named New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Harvard, Yale, or Palo Alto.

A place, it might be noted, which was recently on the edge of the recent hurricane which, while not at the epicenter still received much noticeable damage. But, in this small town in actual America, in the restaurant where we had real, honest-to-God (and they — gasp — actually used that very phrase) American, of course, home cooking, neighbors were “visiting” with each other, as it is called in America, not networking, about damage to their homes and reassuring each other that all would be well. And, it will be — in America.

Not once did I hear a single one of these fine citizens grumble about the fact that “man-made warming” caused their losses and one got the distinct impression that if someone did, he would get very lonesome, very fast.

They simply don’t think in those terms — in America.

In the friendly, warm, welcoming restaurant where we had what must be the very personification of the phrase “down-home-country-cooking,” it would have been unthinkable for some “outsider” to come in and demand that someone leave because they were wearing clothes carrying the wrong message — like “God Bless America” or “America — Love it or Leave It”, or a message as outrageous as “Make America Great Again!” As a matter of fact, based on the size and build of some of the younger citizens I saw in that wonderful place, that kind of insulting, rude, and, dare I say it, uncivil behavior might happen once in that restaurant — but only once. And the types who tried to claw — literally — their way through the doors of the highest Court in our land would never, ever, ever come back for a second helping, of that I am sure.

And, along those lines, this was not a place for a certain former person in the higher atmospheres of the “leadership” of the FBI, as if Peter Strzok thought he could “just smell the Trump support” in that Virginia Wal-Mart, had he even been fortunate enough to get through the door of that restaurant, he might well have been knocked down by the support of, again, dare I say it, the purest perfume of Americanism either he or his fellow (?) FBI colleague, Ms. Page, have ever drawn through their olfactory senses. The citizens I saw today would teach Strzok and Page a whole new meaning of the phrase he used about the election of the President of the United States — “we’ll stop it” — one which might well have borne unpleasant memories for both of those swine.

In the America I visited today, the parking lots of the churches were full to overflowing and the towns were, for the most part, save the obvious scars left by the nightmare named Michael, lovely, well-tended, and quiet on a pretty Sunday afternoon.

This is the America in which My Lady and I were both raised and while I have read much lately about how America is finished — and even I have had those thoughts myself — what I saw today in the America I visited convinces me that the foundations our Forefathers built this great Nation on are simply driven too deep to be “fundamentally transformed” by Alinsky-ite Marxists wearing stupid hats and wailing at the sky like wounded animals.

So, if you’re getting a little, or a lot, down by the steady drumbeat of the San Francisco Democrats (look what they did to one of the most beautiful cities on the face of the earth) wearing their symbols of nuttiness like pussy hats, I have a little elixir which I hope will lift your spirits as they did mine this very day.

Spend a day in America! It’s a wonderful place!

A Little Boy and an Anonymous Gift

It is one of those days which is so beautiful, clear as crystal, crisply cool, here in the far West of the Panhandle, the part which the Good Lord willed to be spared the ravages of the nightmare named Michael, that I thought I might note how grateful I am to Him for this gift he has granted us.
I was moved to note these feelings of the deepest kind of gratitude, the kind which is simply not capable of being captured by mere words, by reading a truly poignant column in my daily scan of news items, an undertaking which is almost always, shall we say, not exactly uplifting but overflowing with news which is the polar opposite of inspirational. This piece, by Salena Zito, is entitled “A 90-minute flight, 45 presidents, and an 8-year-old American boy” and, especially if you’re not having the kind of lovely afternoon with which we have been graced, please go read this wonderful and inspirational piece. Ms. Zito tells of meeting two uniquely, and true, Americans — one, the little boy of the title and another who does, indeed, qualify as one of the heroes of the story.
She sets the stage thus:
“Sometimes, you meet special people, people who have an impact not just on your day, but on your outlook in life. People who provide you a priceless gift by letting you see the world through their eyes, and thus showing you that everything is a little better than you thought it was before you met them.
Sometimes, those people are only eight years old.
The first thing you will learn about Jared Gyure when you meet him is that he likes U.S. presidents.
He has no problem sharing that affinity, which he did the moment he plopped himself down in seat 17E on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Pittsburgh, sitting next to his mom, with his dad and his 3-year-old brother, Jackson, in front of him. Two older brothers sit way up in the front of the plane.
They are all heading to Uniontown, Penn., for the funeral of the boys’ great-grandmother.”

Our young student of this particular aspect of American history then proceeds to demonstrate his remarkable knowledge of all, not just a few, of our Presidents, and is awestruck when Ms. Zito tells him she has actually interviewed several Presidents, including the present occupant of that office.
Which brings us to the second hero of this flight to Uniontown, PA:

“For someone who rarely flies, I find myself for once enjoying the opportunity to meet someone so inspiring and inquisitive on a plane all packaged into one small compact boy.
Jared receives a lot of smiles as the passengers exit the plane. Our boisterous conversation has touched more than one person traveling from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, including an African-American young man dressed in a deep-blue dress sweatshirt and pants with the traditional gold Navy emblem across the front.
He pulls out his white navy sailor’s cap and asks Jared’s mom, Adrienne, if he could give it to the precocious boy, who probably taught everyone on the plane a few things about U.S. presidents — most importantly, a deep respect for the office outside of politics.
Jared is stunned as the sailor hands him the hat. He pauses to take a photo with him, then walks away with a broad smile, without giving his name.
It’s a reminder that sometimes lightning strikes twice in one day, when you meet two special people who make an impact not just on your day, but on your outlook in life.
Jared likely made such an impact in so many ways Wednesday evening on a plane over the middle of the country to a lot more people than he’ll ever know.”

That lovely vignette just filled my heart with gladness and as I sat outside in this glorious weather, and thought about Jared and his brand new friend, one of those brave defenders of all we hold dear in this, the greatest Nation ever created by Man in history, I reflected on how immersed we all are in the “unlovely” news of the day. I probably should amend that statement as even I am not presumptuous enough to speak for “all”, but I know that I must plead guilty to spending far too much of my time on the “unlovely” and not near enough time learning about the Jareds of the world, and of the kinds of men like the “other hero” in the story, a proud member of the United States Navy, who gave a little boy the gift of a lifetime!

The Kavanaugh hearings- One step away from “Room 101” in 1984?

Perhaps some day we will come to see Justice Kavanaugh as the closest thing we have in modern times to the abjectly miserable Winston Smith in Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, who suffered unspeakable forms of torture in “Room 101”, the worst torture chamber of all in Oceania.
Perhaps, in fact, that day is here, as the final day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings brought us to a new low of ruthless cruelty in an attempt to destroy a man and his family. I would posit that this kind of barbarity and savagery is just one baby step away from the “creative” methods of torture administered to Winston Smith and any of his fellow Oceanians who ran afoul of the dreaded “Thought Police”.
And, what was in Room 101? As O’Brien told Winston as he was being led to the room of so many nightmares on Oceania:
“ “You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.’
“ ‘The worst thing in the world’ said O’Brien, ‘varies from individual to individual. It may be burial alive, or death by fire, or by drowning, or by impalement, or fifty other deaths.’
“ ‘In your case’, said O’Brien, ‘the worst thing in the world happens to be rats.’ “
In the novel, recalling an earlier incident when Winston and his (forbidden) paramour were intruded upon by a large rat, surveilled by the “Thought Police” through the all knowing telescreens installed everywhere in the country, the “worst thing in the world” to Winston was a rat. O’Brien goes on to explain the nature of the horrific torture he has planned for Winston, involving an imaginative device which fits onto Winston’s face containing very large, and very hungry, brown rats. The thing, a cage with several chambers which can be opened in sequence allowing the rats to get closer and closer to the face of the “enemy of the State” until he or she either dies of shock or tells the Thought Police what they want to hear. O’Brien describes their demonic reasoning in this passage:
“ ‘ By itself,’ he said, ‘pain is not always enough. There are occasions when a human being will stand out against pain, even to the point of death. But for everyone there is something unendurable—something that cannot be contemplated. … It is the same with the rats. For you, they are unendurable. They are a form of pressure that you cannot withstand, even if you wish to. You will do what is required of you.’ “
For those of you who followed this National disgrace as we did, you will know where this is going, because what would be the worst thing in the world for a man like Judge Kavanaugh, a man whose life’s record of accomplishment is simply, there is no other word for it, legendary in the annals of law and jurisprudence? While none of us can claim to know the answer to that question, we may reasonably surmise an answer based upon the intensity and emotion of his responses at the now-iconic speech he gave in answer to the gutter slanders of the despicable creatures on the Democrat side of the committee.
The “worst thing in the world” for this devoted and loving husband of Ashley and father of Margaret and Liza, son of his Mom and Dad, brilliant student and lawyer and closest assistant to a President of the United States, a Judge whose 312 opinions are masterpieces of legal erudition—would be for his honor and integrity to be besmirched before the world—but so much more importantly to this fine man—before his wife and little girls and Mom and Dad.
And so it was in our modern version of Room 101, which contained “the worst thing in the world” for The Honorable Brett Kavanaugh.
And, don’t believe the remnants from Oceania such as Spartacus and the blandly sinister Feinstein and Stolen Valor Blumenthal and their fellow brown rats didn’t know exactly what the “worst thing in the world” was for this truly Honorable man.
To those who may feel I have become just a tad overwrought about this: I have in my family beautiful little girls I absolutely adore, I have a wife who has been my life partner for almost half a century without whom I cannot envision life, I had a Mom and Dad I revered and I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends, far and wide, anyone could hope to have. I simply cannot imagine what a man of such towering quality must have gone through while having his obviously adoring wife and precious little girls hearing this steady stream of raw sewage being poured all over their Dad and Husband by bottom feeding vermin like those who mounted this dreadful lynching.
Room 101?
Complete with a pack of avariciously hungry rats.

Search and Destroy

I watched almost every single minute of this pathetic exercise in how far so-called well educated and accomplished people can go when they are devoid of any shame of boundaries whatsoever and will do anything, including destroy one of the finest men to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court, and his beautiful family, his devoted wife and their little daughters, one of whom prayed for “the lady” at her nightly prayers, and all his family, his stricken Mother and Father, and his friends, and I did this because I wanted, once and for all, to know for myself, and not from the now-totally-out-of-control media but from what I saw for myself what really happened.

What happened today was, as one of the Republican Senators said, worse than the Bork hearings and worse than the Thomas hearings, as hard as that is to believe. If you had watched every minute of it, you would well know what I mean. The Judge was right on the target when he said “Advise and Consent” had now become “Search and Destroy”, as that is exactly what it has become, in addition to becoming an audition for candidates for the Democrat nomination for President for 2020.

What happened today, also, at least for this one viewer, is that I will never, although I was very close to this before today, never, never, never ever again believe the summary presented to us by the media, and in this I very sadly and reluctantly include the only news outlet I still have any faith in, Fox News, to tell me what really happened in a given event and I will always insist on having to see it, from stem to stern, with my own eyes. The very idea that Fox News would have someone like a Valley Girl airhead like Marie Harf commenting on a man of the unbelievable substance of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and telling viewers what he said and how he said it, is as insulting as I can imagine anything being in this admittedly upside down world we are now living in.

I made myself watch all of this so I could know whether my previous feeling that the Democrats on this committee were among the most corrupt people who have ever served in the United States Senate was well founded, and I came away with a deep and abiding certainty that they were not only that, but that they were some of the most mindlessly ruthless and heartless group of people (?) who have ever been gathered in the already checkered and spotty history of that “Most Exclusive Club In The World.” If this is what an exclusive club looks like, I’ll just say like Uncle Earl Long said years ago when someone asked whether he didn’t resent it that he had never been admitted to the ultra-elite Boston Club in New Orleans even though he had been elected Governor– “the only way they would let me in would be if I had a mask and a gun.” That’s the kind of image I got with United States Senators (who are the people who actually vote for some of these people?) who actually spent the time we pay them to do serious matters asking about whether a 17 year old boy really meant to write about flatulence and whether or not the “f” symbol really meant the “f-word”.

Actually, in a way, as a person who has dealt with far more lying witnesses than I care to actually count in come of our cases, I must admit to a feeling of some kind of awe that the Most Honourable Ranking Member, as we are supposed to refer to her in “polite company”, as if there is any such thing any more, could actually make her little speech about how innocent she is in front of an entire world which now knows, beyond peradventure, that she concealed “Dr” Ford’s letter for about seven weeks, a time in which all of this could have been investigated thoroughly and in a way which would have completely honored her request for confidentiality.

The oiliness of Durbin, the strangely sinister mien of the “Ranking Member” who caused this entire nightmare, the moron which is the Senator from Hawaii, who, amazingly, today I learned is a graduate of one of the most distinguished Law Schools in the country, Georgetown, the rank idiocy of “T-Bone Spartacus”, the smallness, in so many ways of the pathetic little Chris Coons, the downright frightening demeanor of the probable next Democrat nominee for President, Kamala Harris, the reptilian approach of perhaps the most wretched of all, as he lied about his Military service, Blumenthal, and the fact that, as one of the prominent Republicans noted, they have already reserved a url for the NEXT nominee, causes me to –truly- weep for the future of our country. I simply do not know how we survive repeated flows of sewage like this through the Public Square without despoiling it beyond repair.

God Bless Judge and Mrs. Kavanaugh and their beautiful family and the really great heroes of this day like Lindsey Graham and Sen. Talis and Cruz and Lee and Kennedy and Hatch and Cornyn and Grassley and God Help America if this is what our future holds.

Sincerely, Jim

Fairness?For Whom?Only ONE Woman?

The entire political structure of America, or at least what purports to occupy that role, has turned itself into a pretzel, trying to display every imaginable form of accommodation, civility, good manners, courtesies to the Nth Degree, so that one woman will be, in the words of Sen. Chuck Grassley, “comfortable” in giving her testimony. We continue to hear speeches about the  “fairness” which should be extended this one person, who, to be way more blunt than most analysts have been, is spinning a tale right out of Alice in Wonderland, shot full of holes and inconsistencies, with no corroborating witnesses whatsoever, and whose status has been elevated to that of some kind of second “Anita Hill”-type heroine, as she and her apparently exorbitantly well paid cadre of lawyers, PR agents, IT experts who must have been retained to scrub every jot and tittle of anything even remotely embarrassing on her social media. As there have been barrels of ink spilled — or is the modern appellation “barrels of bytes”?– over this most tawdry, slimy, sleazy, despicable, dirty, filthy, rotten smear in living memory, many, on the right, at least, by minds which operate at a level so far above mine I stand in awe of their intellectualism and make no pretense of even trying to occupy their place in the stratosphere of true intellect.

I will, however, in much more simple words than those which have carried such lofty ideas about this entire sorry –nay, tragic– episode in the history of our Republic, and it is something which has been eating at me for many days now, and it is this: do we not owe a duty of fairness to many other women whose lives will be horribly impacted by this nightmare? I speak, first of all, obviously, about the women in Judge Kavanaugh’s personal life– his wife, daughters and Mother. How about the girls he coaches on his daughter’s basketball team? Do they count in the  “Great Fairness Game” we are all instructed we now have to play on behalf of ONE woman? What about the 65 women, friends, former law clerks, colleagues, etc., along the way? How is we do not owe these women at least some small sliver of the fairness we are told we owe to this ONE woman? Do they, and their sensitivities, count for nothing when weighed in the balance of the apparently cosmic importance of the “fairness” we should accord this one person who we are supposed to view as some sort of New American Heroine?

Where does this madness — and make no mistake, this is sheer, unadorned madness at work here — end, when we turn all our worlds upside down for this ONE person, whose account, as so aptly described by one of the most eminent observers of this imbroglio, Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, would not be given the time of day by any law enforcement agency, municipal, local, State or Federal, in the country?

And, if it is not too terribly hurtful to note this one really amazing fact, who, despite all the entreaties for her “comfort” and “sensitivity” to all the “hurt” which would be inflicted upon her in this “re-victimization process” , is not, through her phenomenally well paid lawyers, demanding that her appearance should take place on a day other than that set by the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate.

Is chutzpah another word for fairness?

Dr. Franklin is looking down, thinking — “I told them so. I warned them– if you can keep it.”

A prayer for September 11

Seventeen years ago one world ended and another, different in every way, began. 3,000 Americans were slaughtered by Islamic radical animals whose religion, we were told over and over again, was one of peace and love. We have, since September 11, 2001, learned that those words were pure fiction, and that it is, in fact, to many, a religion of conquest, suppression, murder and torture. Please, Lord, don’t let that happen to our beloved Nation again. Please protect us from these mindless instruments of a hatred so deep and all encompassing as to pass all understanding. Amen


Murder in Alabama: The Sacred Right of Due Process at Death’s Door?

I have been alarmed at how ready many citizens have been to so quickly convict Roy Moore of the grievously serious crime of child molestation with scarcely a passing thought of any of the factors which would go into such a momentous decision –the right of confrontation of the witnesses, the right of cross-examination to test the veracity of their accounts, but, first and foremost, one of the most cherished of all our rights guaranteed to an American citizen, the presumption that one is innocent until proven guilty.

One story is illustrative of how far this has gone, and not only in the reliably-loony never-Trump far left mainstream media. In listening to one of my favorite podcasts recently, I heard a person I know to be a most intellectually gifted commentator of the center-right declare, with great certitude, that Judge Moore was a child molester, was also probably at least guilty of attempted rape, and that he had been banned from the mall in Gadsden, Alabama. The account of the first two offenses have been cast in great doubt by subsequent reporting and the manager of the mall during the relevant time period has told reporters that Judge Moore was never, to his knowledge, banned from the mall.

As one who spent many decades as an actual, working, practicing Trial Lawyer, a claim I still make with pride (admittedly, one among  a steadily decreasing number, sad to say) in order to assure that I distinguish myself from those of the TV-Billboard variety, it concerns me that we are truly witnessing, as the title of an excellent piece in The Federalist styles it, A Society Murdering Due Process, 

“The real story today is that emotional feeding frenzies in public discourse put us on a path that leads—unless something dramatic changes—to the end of due process. Due process and the rule of law are concepts fast becoming meaningless to Americans hypnotized by media.”

“As the mainstream media has told it for decades: there should be a presumption of guilt based on any accusation of sexual misconduct, whether a Moore character running for Senate or a hapless college kid  accused of rape or anybody else. Oh, and the media has the prerogative of controlling the narrative, picking and choosing who’s guilty.”

The author, Stella Morabito, then briefly reviews the sordid outbreak of lechery–and rank hypocrisy as a result of same– on the part of a number of far-left “notables”, with Al Franken leading the list most recently, and the truly pathetic calls for “justice” for Bill Clinton by such luminaries as Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand, who was campaigning with one and the same alleged rapist mere months ago.

That is followed by an excellent brief summary of the root causes of the collapse of our respect for Due Process, and, I would argue, also the Rule of Law:

“Whatever today’s circus means, it should serve as an object lesson that due process first dies in the public square. It’s only going to get worse unless people learn to focus more on the causes of our lethal disease (e.g., political correctness, agitprop, power-mongering, the practice of ritual defamation, etc.) than on the symptoms of certain media- and politico-selected diseased people.”

“If we could wrest our brains away from the sewer of social media, perhaps we could see that we’re living in the Twilight Zone. Trying to discern what is real from what is fake is a tall order in today’s media world, unless you’ve worked hard to cultivate a sense of discernment. Navigating the “news” is like taking a walk through a labyrinthine hall of smoke and mirrors.”

“This is why I think Moore’s case, as with all Gloria Allred-sponsored side shows and their unpredicted spawn, is really about the future of due process. Will it live or die? Will we be able to revive the true meaning of due process, i.e., the basic principle that people should be judged fairly on the basis of evidence? Or will we succumb to raw emotion and all of the thoughtless lynching that goes with it? Will the term “due process” simply end up as a garbage term that means whatever anybody wants it to mean?”

Then, she presents what may be the best short analysis I have seen of the gargantuan hypocrisy reflected in the double standard at play in the Al Franken-Roy Moore circus:

“A huge swath of Hollywood and the media have been dictating to us for decades that due process should not apply to hicks and unsophisticated moralists, as they’ve labelled Moore. If it applies at all, then it only applies to upstanding and enlightened citizens like Sen. Al Franken. Now we learn that Franken sexually harassed women, including newcaster Leeann Tweeden. He admits to the photographic evidence of doing so. But longtime media rules say he’s entitled to “due process,” or at least a sense of lenience and forgiveness.”

 “That’s certainly not the case for the likes of Moore, although he denies the allegations. Worse, he has preached that there are moral standards of right and wrong, which means he stands accused of both moral turpitude and hypocrisy, of violating his own moral code. Hollywood and the media seem to have declared this combination not only unforgiveable, but proof positive that moral standards don’t even exist. Or at least they do not exist for those who enjoy the media’s protection.”
I would be remiss if I did not note at this point that my concerns about the loss of our respect for Due Process is buttressed by a most unlikely source– Nancy Pelosi! In a piece carrying a title which definitely brought a smile to my face, “Why Nancy Pelosi Gave a Big Boost to Roy Moore”, John Podhoretz noted her remarks on Meet the Press just a few days ago, discussing why that great “icon” John Conyers should not be forced to resign but should be accorded– you guessed it!–Due Process:
“She praised Conyers for being an “icon” — which, I’ll grant you, is one way of describing an 89-year-old man who has served for a ridiculous 52 years in the House of Representatives, a record that suggests he is less a captain of the ship of state than he is a barnacle permanently attached to its hull.”

“She said we’re strengthened by “due process” in this country. You cannot judge “just because someone is accused.” This wasn’t a problem for her in many other cases in which sexual misconduct was alleged — just so long as it was being alleged about people she didn’t like.”

And, of course, no treatment of the wretched two-faced treatment of favored stars of the “D” variety would be complete without noting the towering bravery and heroic conduct of that deeply revered “Lion of the Senate”:

“Sen. Ted Kennedy, for example, left MaryJo Kopechne to drown while he first called his lawyer then took a nap after extricating himself from the car he drove off a bridge, with her in it, at Chappaquiddick. He went on to win numerous re-elections, honored by his colleagues as the “Lion of the Senate.” Today’s censures by the Left of Kennedy’s behavior and Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct are nothing but stopgap measures. Only a free people who understand and appreciate the meaning of freedom can call out such cynical posturing.”

Charles Hurt, an excellent analyst at the Washington Times, reflected recently on the distrust of our Alabamian friends, especially with spokespersons of the elites like Peggy Noonan and almost every writer at the New York Times and Washington Post telling them how they should vote, used an old lawyer joke–strange as it may seem, I love lawyer jokes!–to illustrate why all of their holier-than-thou preaching may backfire on them:

“This is the same media that exudes such deep and open contempt for Christians and Christianity, with which Judge Moore has cloaked himself his entire political life. So is it really such a stretch to imagine these jackals manufacturing a fake scandal in order to destroy a Christian on the verge of power — especially one who is such an unreconstructed Washington outsider?”

“Perhaps the moment that did the most to feed the deep suspicions of Alabama voters was when another accuser came forward to tearfully tell of a similar encounter with Judge Moore decades ago. As if scripted by Harvey Weinstein, the woman held a press conference with famed legal feminist Gloria Allred.”

“And you know what they say?”

“How do you know when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.”

“How do you know when a woman is lying? She is seated beside Gloria Allred and her lips are moving.”

Loath as I may be to offer even the tiniest advice to a writer as accomplished as Mr. Hurt, the only thing I would have added to the above would be to note that in my opinion, Gloria Allred is a lawyer joke!

Ms. Morabito’s concluding thoughts should give us all pause as we continue in our “lynch mob” mentality for those of whom we disapprove and preach Due Process for those “on our side”:

“There can be no room for even the pretense of due process if we allow our social discourse to cherry-pick morality. If we are going to automatically adopt a lynch mob mentality whenever someone is accused of a crime, then we are paving a path into darkness where anyone and everyone can be presumed guilty and lynched.”

“Granted, in the public square, we aren’t bound to presume innocence in expressing our opinions about who’s guilty in any given scandal. But once our public discourse habitually trashes the concepts of presumption of innocence or due process, then we open the door for kangaroo courts and show trials. And due process enters its death throes.”

My own closing thoughts might differ just a bit from this fine essay, as I strongly feel it is the fact that we feel we aren’t bound to presume innocence about who is guilty in any given scandal which is fueling  much of this feeding frenzy and that if we don’t get back to bedrock principles on which this, the Greatest Nation in History, was founded, including, most importantly such rights as the Presumption of Innocence and Due Process of Law, we will continue in this precipitous slide into our decline, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.



Accidental discoveries can be sweet experiences, and I just had one I wanted to share with you in the hope that you will find it as peaceful in this time of darkness and nightmares as I did. And, maybe you might also find it inspirational. For so many of us in this part of the Deep South, we have spent many good hours, days and weeks enjoying the little refinements and beauties of that lovely town on Mobile Bay, as well as the nearby resort, The Grand Hotel, on Point Clear. For me, this column really hit home as the Church where this story took place has always been one of my very favorite Churches in the whole wide world and I have had the great privilege of taking Communion there several times in the past. My discovery of this lovely little piece is all the more serendipitous considering the fact that I, who rarely check out Facebook but did so today to read all the wonderful birthday greetings our Son Brock is receiving today, found this account on the Facebook page of an old friend of mine, now the Rector of an Episcopal Church in Savannah, so I guess it was meant to be.

The remembrance of a recent Sunday starts:

“Fairhope, Alabama—a secluded chapel in the woods. There’s a grand picture window behind the pulpit. Through it, I see live oaks hanging over the windy waters of Weeks Bay.

I am standing in a single-file line of Episcopalians about to take Communion.

I don’t know these people. They wear large smiles on their faces, and they’re singing. They’ve either lost their cotton-picking minds, or I have.

In line ahead of me: the salt of the earth. Adults. Teenagers. Children. The elderly.

I meet two older women who were married a few months ago. A retired commercial fisherman who smells like the night before. Three attorneys, a few construction workers, a banker. A woman with breast cancer.

The bishop is white-haired, wearing a robe. He stands barefoot at the altar. He smiles at an elderly woman, then hands her what looks like a Ritz cracker.

The woman eats, and sips from a cup the size of a fishbowl Margarita. People embrace her. Everyone singing, everyone swaying back and forth.

These people might truly be nuts.”

The author, Sean Dietrich, whose site is entitled Sean of the South, continues with his recollections of Sundays of his youth and more of his impressions of his fellow worshipers in that “secluded Chapel in the woods” and finishes with what he experienced that Sunday morning on the Bay:

“And I feel it.

It’s overwhelming. I think this must be what all the fuss is about.

I’m here. With these people. Black, white, Mexican, Jew, gay, Samaritan, and purple-haired hipster. Young, elderly, Baptist, Methodist, beer-drinker, teetotaller, whore, tax-collector, meth addict, and Friends of Bill. Attorneys, veterans, preachers, divorcees, newlyweds, English majors, high-school dropouts, and reprobate redheaded writers.

We are all drinking from the same cup.

Forgive me, Lord, I was wrong. These people aren’t nuts.

They are my family.”

I do not know Sean Dietrich, but I sure did appreciate his sharing of such a special moment in his life as I have had several very similar experiences in that very same Chapel on the Bay and it is my heartfelt hope that you will get the same feeling of warmth and friendliness and spirituality from reading the entire piece as I did. Feelings, it does not need to be said, we need more these days than most.


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