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The beginning of the end of what little civilization we have left! Pray for America, the last best hope of humanity.

As  a totally devoted lover of our Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, and dedicated to all it, and all the Arts, brings to our community, I find this so thoroughly and completely despicable I simply do not have words to fully express it. However, I do hope that if this happens in our Symphony Hall, there will be some gargantuan-sized Deputy Sheriffs (kind of like the ones who “guard” against all the menacing citizens at meetings of the Baton Rouge Library Board who have the temerity to exercise their First Amendment rights….) to haul them out of the Hall just as fast as they can drag them, and I also hope that’s the way they get them out. We can just deal later with the loons from the ACLU in the lawsuit they are sure to file for interfering with these fine “citizens” expression of free speech during what I am sure was going to be a magnificent performance of Brahms’ Requiem. By sheer coincidence, I have just started reading a superb book entitled Civilization and its Enemies by Lee Harris, written 10 years ago, and it reads like it was written yesterday and I mention this as it is my firm opinion that Loons like these people (?) in St. Louis, including, I really hate to admit, some members of the Orchestra who are applauding this kind of reprehensible conduct, are also enemies of, as noted above, what little Civilization we have left in this Nation.. truly, the last best hope of humanity.



Saturday night, a self-proclaimed “flash mob” of Michael Brown protesters disrupted a performance of the St. Louis Symphony. They stood up, unfurled signs and started singing as the orchestra was about to perform Brahms’ Requiem. This is what it looked like.

The demonstrators got, I thought, a surprisingly polite–and even, from some concert-goers and members of the orchestra, warm–reception. In my opinion, this kind of thing is not to be encouraged, even apart from the dubious merits of this particular case. (The demonstrators kept singing “Justice for Michael Brown,” but what that means, exactly, remains unclear.) The First Amendment right to assemble peaceably applies to public spaces, and does not extend to venues where other people have paid to enjoy a performance.

Some years ago, it was common for animal rights protesters to accost middle-aged ladies who were wearing fur coats on the street. That seems to have died out, but at the time, I said that I would respect the animal rights people a lot more if they went to a biker bar and told the bikers they didn’t like their leather jackets. That, of course, was a risk they never took.

Likewise with the St. Louis Symphony. The protesters chose a genteel venue where the demographics dictated a mild response to their demonstration. They were smart enough not to try the same thing at, say, a St. Louis Cardinals game.

The main significance of this episode is that it shows that the race hustlers intend to keep stirring the Ferguson pot indefinitely.