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Naive no longer on Shady Lake

Not long ago, I published, for the world to see, my deeply held belief that there were still honorable people in that cesspool also known as Washington, D.C., and the one I named specifically was James Comey, Director, FBI. It was entitled “Naïve on Shady Lake.” Right now, I’m feeling very much like I did when it was becoming apparent that the Thug Hussein had beaten Romney for a second term of Government by Gangsterism, and, while I am reminded that “we all knew this was the way it was going to turn out”, I really don’t think the most cynical among us could have anticipated the in-your-face corruption of the way it was handled with the “snakes on a plane” meeting last Monday, the news of it breaking a few days later (accidentally?), Hillary’s statement that she would likely keep Blandly Sinister (thanks to Andrew Klavan) on as Attorney General, and Air Force One (it almost makes me hurl to think of how even that beautiful aircraft has been soiled by this bunch) touching down in Charlotte with Hussein and the Monster heading for a campaign rally (which flight you and I paid for), as Comey is making a statement which is unbelievable on several different levels – factually, legally, you name it.

This may really be it for me in trying to deal with corruption in American politics; not sure how much fight I have left in me.