44 seconds of heartbreaking viewing–what the Democrats have done to simple humanity

This video is a vivid illustration of the very essence of human cruelty and pure amorality.

Someday I may come to understand how a parent, especially this little boy’s Mother, could do this to their own child .

I urge you to view the video in order to get the full force of what the Democrats have done to our Beloved Nation by electing this group of street thugs –who call us “Neanderthals”! I am not steeped in the history of the Paleolithic Age, but I would venture the speculation that Neanderthals took much better care of their own children than these parents did. Where in the world has simple humanity gone in these days when EVERYone in positions of national “leadership” lies about EVERYthing and treats little children like little animals? God Help us.

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