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This is my hill: Saving the War Dogs of Afghanistan abandoned by Biden.

Who does that? Who leaves animals behind to starve to death in locked cages at Bagram Air Field? To what depth of inhuman, subhuman, amoral depravity and cruelty have we finally descended to have done this to helpless (locked! in cages!) animals who were also very special American allies—they were the War Dogs of Afghanistan!

Afghanistan Military Dogs Left Behind As NonProfit ...

I am writing this as a cry from the heart— like so many of us, I have had dogs as pets (Mark, my Boxer; Fritz, my Doberman and others) and I have been sickened to the very core of my being that those entrusted with the faithful execution of our Laws and defense of our Constitution have abandoned everything there — including their fellow Americans, American friends and allies and those who helped us unconditionally with total dedication, day in and day out— our War Dogs.

Conan, the Belgian Malinois who took part in the Syria raid that killed ISIS leader Baghdadi.

My cry for help is this: I am pleading for any information of all resources which may be known by friends and colleagues to identify sites, locations, mailing addresses, P.O. Boxes, or any other modes of contact, to which we may send material support to anyone who can get to these poor animals, who gave their heart and soul to the defense of America, only to be cast aside like so much unused military equipment. Sadly, there is a disgraceful precedent for this kind of cruelty as it occurred once before in the 1975 collapse in Vietnam, when approximately 4,000 dogs were abandoned.

There is the old idea about choosing the “hill” which one is “ready to die on.” Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller gave us a most powerful lesson on how that is done in throwing his Silver Cluster on the table with a demand for accountability.

With due acknowledgement of the realities of the limitations of age and the constraints that cursed condition imposes, this is my hill, and I am ready to send whatever meager funds I can send in support of this noble (truly!) cause. I am also ready to get on the next flight out of Pensacola to catch whatever War Dog Express is headed for that Stone Age hell hole to recover our real American allies.

Please, if you know of resources dedicated to this purpose, publish it so the world will know about it.

Whoever did this cannot be a true American.

Americans should never do this to animals.

We are Americans!

We should never leave our comrades on the field.


United States War Dogs Memorial | The American Legion

BREAKING: Biden Caves to Taliban


According to Town Hall:

The Pentagon had little to say Tuesday about the news that the Biden administration had failed in its humiliating attempt to grovel before the Taliban in order to extend the August 31st deadline for withdrawal and instead doubled down on its plans to be out of the country by the deadline that is just one week away. That plan, now, has also been approved by President Biden.

There are no words I can use in (whatever is left of) “polite company” to fully express my feeling of pure revulsion and sickened disgust at the craven cowards we have “leading” us right now in Washington followed closely by how I feel for those who voted this drooling imbecile into office. 

However, one short story might help illustrate how I feel– last night, we watched the fantastic movie “We Were Soldiers” and when the Colonel made his speech and told his troops that the one thing they could count on was that he would never -never- leave a single man on the field_—_”No man left behind!”  I cried. That is how broken hearted I am right now. 

God Help Us. 

Blue Angels Tribute to Officer Ella French, RIP

Yesterday, our beloved Blue Angels performed at the Chicago Air Show. They took Chicago Police Officer Ella French’s badge along with them in their demonstration. She truly flew with Angels above Chicago.. what a beautiful tribute by one of the finest symbols of the American Military in existence today.

The sound of freedom in honor of one of our fallen protectors. Perfect.

God Bless America and may Officer French Rest In Peace.

A Real American Hero Speaks Out Against Critical Race Theory!

A Father Stands and Delivers in behalf of his, and all, Children!

At a time when we are all wondering, with enormous justification, whether there are any true American heroes left (easy answer: don’t even bother to look in the entire Biden “Administration” of sheer, sniveling cowardice), a Colorado Springs father went to the podium to make one of the clearest pleas you will ever hear against the introduction of Critical Race Theory into the school his children attend. As you will see, he is well qualified to speak to the topic of “oppression” in today’s America:

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ @realchrisrufoThis Colorado Springs father denounces critical race theory and says that “racism in America would be dead today if not for certain people and institutions keeping it on life support”—including public education. Following his testimony, the school board voted 3-2 to ban CRT.

I was unable to determine this gentleman’s name; if anyone finds it, I sure would appreciate it if you would furnish it to us.

Stand and deliver for the future of America!

A Magnificent Tribute to Officer Ella French, CPD

John Kass describes the sound of bagpipes -and silence- as no one else can.

Ella French was a young, vivacious, accomplished woman who joined the Chicago Police Force because she wanted to “make the world a better place.” She and her partner stopped two brothers in a routine traffic stop when one of the animals, er, brothers, shot her in the face. Her partner was shot several times as well. She died shortly after the incident; from reports this morning, her partner is still hanging-precariously- on to life, miraculously.

I have had at the top of my to-do list for several days the writing of a tribute to Officer French. When I opened my daily e-mail from John Kass, one of the very few real, genuine, honest-to-God journalists left in what was once known as the journalism “Profession”, I found his tribute to Ella French, written in his usual beautiful, straight-from-the-heart style, which is, quite simply, beyond compare.

As there is no better to be found anywhere, here it is:

The pipes, the silence, and the funeral of Chicago Police Officer Ella French

By John Kass

What is it about the sound of bagpipes at the funeral of a police officer killed in the line of duty?

The pipes are a great and proud tradition in Chicago. The sound is martial, defiant, and strong. Sometimes the pipes stop abruptly. Sometimes they fade away, like a scream from lungs without air.

Or is that scream an internal sound only in the minds of the family and other loved ones, when the silence is about to begin?

The pipes played for Chicago Police Officer Ella French, with thousands of uniformed officers inside and outside the church on a hot day. And as the pipes played, many police must have been thinking about the night French was killed, and all the times they, themselves, have stopped a car at night, wondering, “Why her and not me?”

She was 29, with just three years on the job, still learning, when she was shot to death on Aug. 7, during a police traffic stop in the West Englewood neighborhood. Her partner, Carlos Yanez Jr., was shot twice in the head and once in the shoulder and remains in the hospital.

And at her funeral, as at all the others, after the pipers were done piping, the silence began with another sound: the closing of a car door leaving the cemetery.

“It’s the worst,” said a friend, Patrick Fitzmaurice, a retired Chicago Fire Department Paramedic. “That silence is horrible. It’s fade to black. That’s all I keep thinking at these times. Fade to black. And what happens to the family when the silence comes.”

You might pray for her soul and for her family, for her mother, Elizabeth, for her brother Andrew, and that larger family of hers in blue, her brothers and sisters of the Chicago Police Department. They’re family, now, and they’re in mourning too.

I suppose I really don’t have to ask you to pray for her. My guess is you’ve already said a prayer and you’ll say more, lighting a candle at church, asking God for mercy for her soul and for a troubled city. You might whisper it when your head hits the pillow at night. Or, maybe a silent prayer to yourself in the morning, and if your children ask you “What’s wrong?” you just shake your head and tell them that nothing’s wrong and hug them a bit tighter.

That’s what thousands of Chicago police families must be going through right now.

That silence is crushing. You can feel the weight of it. You can even hear it. You may have heard it yourself, after the funerals of your own loved ones, when the condolence visits finally stop.

Friends and family bring their casseroles and their coffee cakes and their hugs. There is always the sound of hushed talking and the clinking of dishes and coffee cups in the sink as they’re being washed, as others of them come up the walk and knock on the door to pay their respects.

Some find their way out into the backyard with the smokers and drink whiskey, and tell stories about the deceased, what they loved, what they didn’t, and the crazy, funny things they did when alive. Others are on the sofa in the front room, balancing coffee cups and saucers on their knees, telling other stories.

It’s all about love trying to push that silence away.

Then the last car leaves the driveway. There’s that click of the lock on the front door. You’re alone. And the silence is right there.

Politicians always feel a need to fill any silence. Most can’t help themselves. But Mayor Lori Lightfoot, loathed by the police, didn’t say a word.

That was new. Mayors always try to say something. But she didn’t, respecting the wishes of the family that did not want her to speak. She was mindful of all those cops who loathe her for her anti-police rhetoric over the years, and who turned their backs on her at the hospital.

It must have been tough on Lightfoot, but she showed up. She sat next to former Mayor Richard M. Daley in silence, and for that, thousands of Chicago Police officers and their families must have been grateful.

What did we learn about Officer Ella French?

We learned from one of Ella French’s partners that she loved making banana bread for them, how she loved dogs. We learned she was kind and concerned about the people in the communities she served. We learned she treated those on the other side of the badge with respect. We learned that she loved life.

Her mother, Elizabeth French offered a strong and beautiful eulogy, beginning with, “I have two children. And today I’m here with half my heart.”

She told a story about the day she adopted Ella and wrote it out in a letter when her daughter was young.  “Dear Ella,” she read from her letter, “let me tell you the story of when you were born to me.”

She told all law enforcement officers that her daughter was proud to be a member of the police family. She thanked them for their service. And she closed with the words she told her daughter before every shift:

“Be careful and safe.”

We also learned about the light in Ella, when her godfather spoke about how she laid down life in service to others. The godfather mentioned the words of Jesus in the Bible. And then he continued:

“We are sobered whenever we see sacrifice on a battlefield, or in a blazing building or a street corner in Chicago,” he said. “The darker our culture gets, the further from the light of love and the light of God, the more these incidents of sacrifice stand out like beams of light from eternity.”

Like a candle in the dark.

There will be time enough in coming days to talk of political spin and the calculations of political cowards, and all the finger-pointing in a city unmoored. But not now. Not today.

All that is drowned out in the light shining from her, as she gave her life to her city and her brothers and sisters in blue.

There are other things to consider now, like the silence that comes after the pipes, and of all those good men and women who love Ella French and her family, and who will watch over them.

Because that’s what family is about: The people who show up to check on you when the silence begins.

(Copyright 2021 John Kass)


The Stain of the Kabul Disgrace Will Never be Erased. Ever.

 We mourn tonight for the many Americans left abandoned at the Kabul Airport with little or no protection from their government along with the reported 20,000 Afghans who helped our cause as translators and their families who will be left totally unprotected as sitting ducks for slaughter should the Taliban decide to do what it has always done to its enemies—slaughter them. In the meantime, our so-called “President”, who has been a fraud for all of his almost 50-year career and is now a senile fraud who doesn’t know where he is half the time, has hidden in the luxurious venue of Camp David being protected by his minders. While I am broken hearted at what may, and in view of what we know of the Taliban’s track record of sheer animal and wanton violence will probably, happen to our fellow citizens in Kabul, tonight I am absolutely furious at all those virtue-signaling, holier-than-thou “Republicans” who thought their tender   little sensitivities being so terribly hurt by mean tweets was more important than the welfare of their Nation and just had to show all of us how pure as the wind driven snow they were by voting that big old mean man out of office and voting for the most radical, the most corrupt, the most demented, the most dementia-ridden blithering idiot to ever sit in that sacred office. 

However, as usual, my President, Donald J. Trump, said it best tonight and I, therefore, proudly set forth his statement issued just moments ago:

Moments ago, President Trump called on Joe Biden to resign from office after yet another monumental failure, this time on the foreign policy front.

As the crisis has continued to worsen in Afghanistan, Biden has been largely silent, mainly issuing boilerplate Twitter responses and casually telling the country he’ll update us on the situation “in a couple of days”.

In response, President Trump issued the following blistering statement:

It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen in Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy. It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!“, Trump said.

And, furthermore, in the exercise of whatever remains of my First Amendment right to free speech I will note, as unpopular as it is in some quarters, that I agree 100%, absolutely and totally with the President’s statement that Biden was not elected legitimately in the first place. 

We pray for the souls our government has abandoned, both our fellow citizens and those who came to our aid and who may now be shown our appreciation by being slaughtered and we are deeply shamed by the  disgrace and stain this so-called “Administration” has brought down upon our beloved Nation. 

May God have mercy on all those so desperately trying to flee Kabul, our fellow citizens and our Afghan colleagues who assisted us in our time of need, and may He give His Grace to our Beloved Nation in this crisis when His Grace is so needed.